Maria Becerra’s bad moment after singing in Bolivia first tv

Maria Becerra And his Bolivia tour was a complete success. Artists gave a show at the festival Khushi Music Park, Which took place at the Fexco Arena in Cochabamba. It is a city that is only 400 kilometers from the neighboring country’s capital La Paz, and the altitude above sea level has taken a toll on it.

singer of “Empty Heart” was the main character of the first day of the festival Khushi Music Parkin the above city cochabamba, promoted on social networks as “the greatest of spring in Bolivia”. There, the Argentine artist charmed and excited the entire audience with his most popular songs and his intense choreography.

On social media, his followers thanked him for his great concert, but he left them worried with a photo that went viral. “Thank you for so much love, Bolivia. From the moment we arrived we felt at home… What a beautiful country. Yesterday’s show was incredible!” The author of “Empty Heart” wrote. But a few minutes later he showed how he looked after singing. “We gave everything yesterday, but I ended up with tachycardia and taking oxygen at 80. Hahahaha, the altitude in Bolivia made me nervous,” she wrote alongside a postcard.

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A fan’s account showed him lying down with a portable fan in one hand, though Becerra apparently recovered quickly and went on to tour the city. In a later picture, she is seen with her boyfriend, who is also a singer. Julian Renninger, Jay Ree, better known as Jay Ree, posing next to the Cristo de la Concordia monument in Cochabamba, while also shopping in that city.

Maria Becerra after the show in Bolivia (Photo: Capture Twitter @BecerraData)

at the end of August, Maria Becerra While staying in a hotel in Los Angeles he experienced an unusual and disturbing incident. Early on Monday, while resting, His room was suddenly attacked by a swarm of bees., The artist, who was fast asleep, was awakened by a loud humming sound and when he opened his eyes he was horrified to find dozens of them flying over his head.

“It was 5 in the morning on a cloudy night and suddenly I heard mosquitoes buzzing, like that but up to 50. They turned out to be bees. I open my eyes and see about 20 in the lamp above me, I look at the other lamp in the distance and see about 50“I look at the other lamp, I couldn’t see much of it because I’m a little short, but there were more,” the interpreter began her story.

Becerra, who had admitted on several occasions to being afraid of insects, found himself in a dilemma. ,How is this incident possible? How do I get out of here without getting cut, without ending up in the hospital because someone cut my windpipe or something?”, he asked through a series of messages published through his social networks.

“When I react, I think about how to get out of there, because we had to go to another airport, and how to do it without getting hurt, without getting to the hospital. We had to leave at 7am, we had our suitcases, everything was ready to open our eyes and take off. But it was 5 o’clock and I had to do it two hours earlier, because I had to leave because they were trying to come in and I don’t know where, because I had everything closed because “I’m a bug psycho, I see a moth and it scares me.”He continued about what he was experiencing.

Despite the fear, he decided to face the situation: “I pick up my things, my suitcase and have a moment of internal reflection and I said to myself ‘Maria, the world is for the brave, look how far you have come, you idiot.’ So I wore everything, I wore jeans, a beret, a hooded jacket and I thought there would be less places to have breakfast. I had to muster courage and walk through that corridor of death with two lamps and 50 bees in each.

However, even before that, despite having the courage, she had calculated that she did not want to go with the suitcase so that her escape would not be burdensome, so she decided to wake up one of the people accompanying her on the tour: “I Went to wake up N. who was sleeping in the hallway outside the room. And I ran alone down the corridor, but my survival instincts were strong. And I went back to look for my suitcase, and there was nothing,” he said proudly.

,I thought they would kill me, I would end up in the hospital“But the bees were doing their thing, they were around the lights and they weren’t bothering, and that’s how I ended up at the airport,” he concluded his story about the shocking moment he experienced.

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