María Corina Machado warned that the Maduro regime “will continue to use its criminal system to oppress”.

Maria Corina Machado (EFE/Reiner Pena R)

Candidates of the main opposition coalition in Venezuela for the 2024 presidential election, Maria Corina MachadoIn his New Year’s message this Monday, he committed to “doing everything” in the “complex negotiations” that – he assured – are “being done” with the government in the wake of these elections, so that “common interests” can be achieved. . The population is “always ahead.”

“There is a complex negotiation going on with the regime in which I pledge to do everything in the interest of General And the best people of Venezuela are always ahead,” the former deputy said in a video published on social networks, in which he did not give further details about these conversations.

He reiterated that in the primaries last October, in which he received 92.35% of the votes, the country had given him “a mandate” – he affirmed – that he would “carry out” the “liberation and transformation of Venezuela”. And fair presidential elections.”

we are “Ready to take advantage of the real opportunity we have.”Machado expressed.

Nicolas Maduro (EFE/Reiner Pena)

The opposition leader assured that “the most important year in the contemporary history of Venezuela” has begun, in which a “spiritual struggle of good against evil” will be waged and in which the “criminal system” will be “confronted and defeated.” The elections are scheduled for the second semester, with no fixed date at present.

“What is to come is not easy. The regime will continue to use every arm of its criminal machinery as a tentacle to trample, threaten, harass and intimidate(…) We must always keep in mind that its purpose is to demoralize us and take us away from the focus, which is to build our great organization,” said Machado, who is ineligible to hold elected public office. Are.

Machado, who assures that she has never been informed of any disqualification, asked the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in December to appeal her case using a mechanism agreed between the government and the opposition Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD). Asked to review. The two sides continue political talks as they face presidential elections.

Machado, on the other hand, asked citizens to create their own campaign commands for these elections and “put their abilities and resources at service.” “Liberation and Transformation” The country’s goal, he said, would be achieved through “free and clean” elections.

“I join you with Venezuela in every home, in every workshop, in every school, in every church, in every warehouse, in every company, (…) in every place where you and your people organize. We are going to create thousands of expeditionary commands throughout the country and abroad, including in Venezuela”he said in his New Year message.

In the former deputy’s opinion, the country’s “liberation” will fundamentally “depend” on the organization, and holding “free elections” is the responsibility of “all Venezuelans” as well as “the world’s democrats.” , who understands the huge implications “for the region and the West of achieving peaceful and orderly transition” in the oil nation.

He announced in a video published on social networks that the construction of “the most formidable structure to protect the vote” is already underway, the “600k network”, “a huge army of 600,000 trained citizens” and coordinated it as It has been said that “this has never been done before on this continent.”

“2024 will be a year of intense work, each of us will be assigned our task,” said the opposition leader, who has been declared ineligible to hold elected public office.

(with information from EFE)

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