María Levy remembers her mother with an emotional VIDEO; This is what Mariana Levy’s daughter currently looks like

The eldest daughter of the late actress Mariana Levyproduct of his relationship with the actor Ariel Lopez Padillahe remembered his mom with a emotional video. Mary He shared unpublished images with his mother on his Instagram account to celebrate what would be his 56th birthday.

Mariana died on April 29, 2005, a week after his 39th birthday, when he was on his way with his daughter Mary and her husband to a theme park to celebrate Children’s Day. On the way, she noticed that a car was following them and when she saw that an armed man was approaching them, she suffered a heart attack.

María remembers her mother with an emotional video

On her Instagram account of the daughter of Mariana Leviwho is now 26 years old, the young woman shared with her thousands of followers a video in which you can see images of when she was a child and played with her mother, a publication that she accompanied with a “Happy Birthday Mom”.

With the emotional images Mary He remembered his mother 17 years after her death on a day that is very special for the family. Your son Joseph Emiliowhom the actress of “La Pícara Soñadora” had with her second husband, businessman José María Fernández ‘El Pirru’, also used her social networks to dedicate a message to her mother.

In addition to Maria and Jose Emiliothe daughter of actress Talina Fernández had another little girl with ‘El Pirru’, whom they called Paula.

This is what Mariana Levy’s daughter currently looks like

Currently, María is 26 years old and has become a network influencer who defends body positive, however, her controversial images in which she is shown with little or no clothing have been a topic of conversation for many, one of the reasons for which you have several accounts in Instagram in which she also shares her work as a photographer.

In addition to being recognized for the fame of her parents and grandmother, Talina Fernandezhas also gained success in the art of photography, especially with his sessions in which he exalts the female figure, making his position regarding self-esteem clear.

María is currently 26 years old and is a photographer. Photo: IG @marialevyy


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