Maria Sharapova and all the pregnant celebrities in 2022

Carles Francino and Izah they were the first to announce pregnancy this year, but not the last. And there is still a lot of 2022 ahead. Maria Sharapova has been the last celebrities in joining the baby boom of 2022, great news that the former tennis player has shared to celebrate her 35th birthday. This will be the first child for Sharapova, who is engaged to businessman Alexander Gilkes. Britney Spears, Elena Furiase or Maria Sharapova They await the stork and, like them, numerous national and international faces.

Alice Campello and Alvaro Morata

just a couple of weeks after renewing their wedding vows In a romantic ceremony in Italy in which the model dressed as a bride again with the little ones of the family as protagonists, the couple now surprises us with a very special announcement: they are expanding the family! Alice Campello and Álvaro Morata have announced that they are expecting their fourth child through his social networks with a tender image in the garden of his house, where the soccer player and his three children kiss the belly of the influencer. Will it be a girl this time?

Heart – Alice Campello and Álvaro Morata announce their fourth pregnancy

Maria Sharapova reveals her pregnancy on her birthday

Maria Sharapova is in luck. Just turn 35 and he has celebrated it in the best way possible: announcing that he expects his first son. This has been revealed on Instagram by the former tennis player, a news that she has accompanied with a photograph on the beach in which you can already see her tummy. “Precious beginnings! Eating birthday cake for two has always been my specialty,” she wrote. Sharapova, who announced her retirement from the track two years ago, is engaged to businessman Alexander Gilkes.

Marta Pombo: a cousin for Martín

The Pombo family is expanding! A year after María Pombo gave birth to her first child, Martín, together with Pablo Castellano, it is the turn of her older sister Marta, the middle of the Pombo sisters, who has granted María’s wish that Martín have a cousin.

“Guess, guess… What does Marta have in her belly?”is the text that accompanies this beautiful 13-second video where her current partner, Luis Zamalloa, gently kisses her tummy. Marta Pombo boasts of pregnancy and expects to give birth to her first child in October 2022.

Britney Spears becomes a mother again

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: The couple is having a baby. The singer has announced it on her social networks with a most original text: “I lost a lot of weight to go on a trip to Maui and I gained it back. And I thought, Wow, what’s wrong with my belly?” My husband calmly said, “No, if you’re pregnant it’s food, silly! So I took a pregnancy test, and uhhhhh well… I’m having a baby,” she announces.

Britney maintains a responsible attitude and shows her fears, assuring that she will take care of her son and protect him at all costs. And that is why she launches this warning to the reporters who persecute her with their video and photo cameras.. “Obviously I’m not going out as much because the paparazzi get their money by taking pictures of me. When I was pregnant before I got depressed and I have to say it’s absolutely horrible,” she says.

Britney Spears with Sam Asghari GTRES

Lucia Villalon and Gonzalo Melero

the journalist Lucía Villalón and the soccer player Gonzalo Melero They have announced that they are going to be parents of a “very special baby”. Villalon is located in the week 14 of pregnancybut to the joy of the arrival of a new member to the family has been added the concern to face the illness they already know their little one has. From Rome, “the best city there is to pray for our baby and to teach him that he is going to have to be strong and fight more than necessary… like a gladiator!”, announce that your child has been diagnosed with gastroschisis.

Elena Furiase and Gonzalo Sierra

Lolita’s daughter is pregnant again, according to the magazine HELLO!after give birth to her first child in 2018, Noah. Elena Furiase and Gonzalo Sierra they got married last september surrounded by family and friends at a wedding with various tributes to Lola Flores.

Carles Francino and Izah

“It seems that in 2022 we will stop being two“, said on Instagram the actor of Victor Ross Y Red Eagle. And what better time to break the news than at New Year? Carles Francino and Izah, married in 2018, shared some tender photographs with his followers in which the pregnant belly Of the singer.

Although the sex of the baby is not yet known, one question remains: Would they want to follow the family tradition of the Francinos and call his son Carles?

Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario

Quite a surprise, Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario announced their pregnancy 14 years after the birth of your child. The baby will have three siblings: Jesús and Julia Janeiro, children of the couple, and Andrea, the bullfighter’s daughter with Bethlehem Esteban.

“I am very excited because it’s coming two weeks before our 20th wedding anniversary. Everything that has happened in our lives and we are still united”, affirmed Jesulín de Ubrique about Campanario’s pregnancy.

Ed Soto

The comedian announces on Instagram that expect a girl with Cristina Pascual. “Absolutely all my wishes deposited in may you be born full of health and fill the whole family with joy”, said Ed Sotoshowing the ultrasound of the little sister of his first child, Imel.

claudia osborne

The Bertin Osborne’s little daughtermarried to José Entrecanales, is three months pregnant. the baby of claudia osborne It will be the seventh grandson or granddaughter of Bertín Osborne.

Pepe Barroso Jr. and Gara Arias

In early 2021 they started dating Pepe Barroso Jr. and Gara Arias and now the young model couple, both 25 years old, expect a baby. He will be the grandson of Mónica Silva and Pepe Barroso, founder of Don Cotton.

Nicolas Cage

At 58 years oldNicolas Cage is expecting a child with his wife, riko shibatawhom she married in 2021. The actor has two children from previous relationships: Weston and Kal-El, aged 31 and 16 respectively.

Miki Nadal and Helena Aldea

During the Father’s day, Miki Nadal, winner of Master Chef Celebrity 6received a big surprise: your daughter will have a little sister! This is what he has assured on his social networks: “Being a father is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life and I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful daughter. But today she has been surprised because she has found out that inside In a few months, if all goes well, she will be the ‘older sister,'” she writes. The presenter will have a second daughter next to his current partner, Helena Aldeaand revealed that it will be a girl with the color of the second photograph: a pink pacifier.

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