Marian Keyes: a selection of her chick lit books

Marian Keyes: books

Marian Keyes is a bestselling writer born in Ireland. His books, which have been translated into more than 30 languages, are romantic novels linked to the recent term chick lit. This denotation that emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s focuses the plot on the routine or varied situations of young women with ordinary or existential problems, but always topical and narrated with a light tone.

As it is ultimately a romantic narrative, an axis of the plot will be the love experience and the illusions and inconveniences of romantic love. Authors of this style are Helen Fielding or Candance Bushnell, creators of Bridget Jones’s diary Y sex in new york, respectively. But there is no doubt that Marian Keyes has also become a reference for this subgenre of the romantic novel and an essential for its millions of followers. Here are some of his best selling books.

Selection of books by Marian Keyes

Claire’s Left Alone (1995)

It is his first novel. Claire is left alone begins the series of the Walsh sisters. Although it has this name and there is a progression in the evolution of its characters, it is possible to read these novels separately, which talk about five sisters (Claire, Rachel, Maggie, Anna and Helen).

The Walshes are a colorful family with five daughters. Claire is the oldest of her sisters; she married and pregnant she gives birth to her first daughter and her husband leaves her at that very moment. Faced with such an bizarre premise, we find a character who takes refuge in the Walsh to rise from the ashes. In this novel, Keyes filters the pain of her addiction to alcohol, rescuing her from it and forgiving herself. Something that will be frequent to see in the rest of the novels and characters of it.

Sushi for Beginners (2000)

This is the story of three women: Lisa, a successful editor in London, Ashling, her new assistant, and Clodagh, Ashling’s best friend. When the smug Lisa is sent to Dublin to edit a new project, her life changes radically and the character sees her current destiny as a denigration.. Instead, when she meets her new boss and the lovely Ashling, Lisa slowly changes her mind. However, when she sees that Clodagh is not happy in her seemingly idyllic marriage, she begins to question what she really wants from life. sushi for beginners It is a very funny and insightful novel..

A Lovely Guy (2008)

Paddy de Courcy is a successful politician who is poised to reach the top of his career.; he has also taken the step of announcing his engagement to Alicia, something that his girlfriend Lola does not fully understand. She, harassed by journalists, makes the decision to separate from her in a town by the sea to go unnoticed and take the time to understand what is happening.

On the other hand, Grace is a journalist who also knows the famous politician, she was her sister Marnie’s ex-partner many years ago. Three of them seem to know Paddy very well, a man who is not who he says he is.. But it is Alicia who is about to marry him. What is that politician who is so admired and desired hiding?

An almost perfect couple (2018)

A book that talks about relationships, about how to change something in the relationship that makes it improve… or become a disaster. Amy and Hugh are on the surface an enviable marriage. Until he asks her for six months of separation to return together with renewed desires. He wants to travel as a single man; she’s not sure what to expect from those six months. She thinks that he, although she promises him eternal love, will not be the same man she fell in love with. And she begins to doubt if she too should take some extramarital leave. Amy will test her and her marriage.

The family and other messes (2020)

Ed Casey and his brothers, John and Liam, are happily married. They have children and the extended family often celebrates and enjoys family reunions. Everything seems to be going smoothly until one day his wife, Cara, suffers a blow to the head that makes him talk more than necessary. All families have hidden secrets that they try to hide; but some are fatter than others. The family and other messes is another novel by Marian Keyes that once again surprises with its sharpness. This writer writes female fiction that captivates and captivates, and that makes the public enjoy relentlessly.

Rachel Again (2022)

The latest novel by Marian Keyes and the continuation of the adventures of one of the Walsh sisters, Rachel, which the author began with Rachel goes on a trip in 1998. In this new book we see a very changed Rachel, after overcoming a crisis that left her in a detox clinic many years ago. Now Rachael leads a life she believes is under control, she is an addiction counselor and has raised a family. The appearance of an old flame shows him that life can fall apart with a snap of the fingers.beyond age or lived experiences.

Some notes about the author

Marian Keyes was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1963.. She studied Law at the University of Dublin and at that point she went to London where she started working as a waitress and later got an office job. She thus began to combine her ordinary work with writing. Nevertheless, Keyes suffered for some years from intense depression that led to alcoholism problems..

After having been admitted for a time, what began as stories, became a first novel that he published with good fortune and success. From here it would acquire great popularity among its readers and would be linked to the subgenre chick liteven though Keyes’ style has been in constant flux. In her romantic novels, the author has managed to combine hard and heavy themes with colorful and fun nuances that will attract the public..

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