Mariazel, in front of her partner, reveals why they have not married

Although they are called spouses and have been together for more than 15 years, there are no wedding plans

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Mariazel, in front of her partner, reveals why they have not married

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A few days after being shocked by revealing that for new professional projects he had to say goodbye to the ‘dysfunctional family’ of I Fall Laughing, Mariazel back in the public eye confess, finally, why she has not married Adrián Rubio.

It was during the recent participation that the couple had in the program ‘Montse & Joe’ in which they were honest as never before and shared the reasons why after 16 years of relationship and even a daughter in common they have not chosen to swear eternal love in front of the altar, as Faisy symbolically did a few weeks ago.

“We are not fighting with the marriage, but it has not been something that excites either of us, “said the famous television presenter in front of her partner.

Although, they confessed that they have come to fantasize about the idea of ​​the wedding and the party, especially when they attend a marriage link, it is not an idea that remains as a dream to be fulfilled.

Adrián Rubio did not take long to describe the qualities and strengths they have as a couple, although there is not exactly a document in between, highlighting among them the confidence and freedom that each one has to develop professionally and personally, with the certainty that both They will be there to support you.

“Confidence and freedom to be able to develop professionally and knowing that your partner will always be there waiting for you knowing that what you are doing is part of your personal and professional development. Give us that freedom in this environment, to be able to each carry out their projects and have full confidence that the other person will be there to support you,” he said.

However, the actor ended up confessing in the broadcast that when they had just over two months of relationship he gave the also sports driver a kind of engagement ring which, Mariazel said, he ended up losing.

The complicity and love between the couple, who were successful in the reality show Inseparables, have been in a relationship for more than a decade and have a daughter, Laia, in common.

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