Maribel Guardia dances inside a supermarket and drives all TikTok crazy | VIDEO

It seems that Maribel Guardia never tires of showing off her imposing beauty and her stunning figure, as she constantly uploads photos to her Instagram account in which she looks like a goddess. This time she became a trend in social networks for a video that she uploaded on her social networks in which she appears dancing as a TikTok girl in a supermarket.

Maribel Guardia showed that she still has a lot of talent to dance; It was all about an advertising campaign and she appeared with the dancer Mauricio Soberanis. Many left her compliments, but her haters considered that she is already “too old” to do that kind of thing.

Maribel is full of projects

The 62-year-old host also does not pay attention to the bad comments, because she knows that she looks spectacular and her talent has led her to be in many projects. The actress and singer from San José, Costa Rica has earned the recognition and affection of the public. She is one of the most beloved celebrities on Mexican television and she has conquered international audiences with her charisma and her impeccable career, which she started as a model at the age of 19.

She is currently filming the second season of the acclaimed telenovela “Corona de Lágrimas” and will share credits with her best friend Victoria Ruffo. She also gives life to Doña Inés in “Tenorio Cómica”, but that’s not all, since she will also be in the television program Albertano Contra los “Mostros” that premieres tomorrow.


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