Maribel Guardia dazzles modeling lying on stairs

In case you are not aware, the beautiful costa rican modelMaribel Guardia, has since the beginning of the world situation collaborating with some online clothing stores, a job as influencer in which she is dedicated to sharing with us the incredible outfits that they have available.

On this occasion the famous was modeling from a laddersin which she was placed lying down to show off the incredible figure that she has managed to obtain after so much exercise and good nutrition, care that also works to maintain her Health to 100%.

This is one of the last publications in his Instagram official, an account where he has millions of followers on the lookout, enjoying each of the pieces of entertainment that he uploads, this time I also take the opportunity to post a motivational phrase in which he invites us to always look forward: “Never look back or you’ll fall down the stairs.”

In the image we could also appreciate the incredible set that, as we already mentioned, you can acquire through the link that she shares with us, she has already obtained more than 19,000 and likes, numbers that continue to grow and that also demonstrates the great affection that her audience has for her, which is why there were also comments where they write the best compliments they have for her.

There is no doubt that everything that goes up on your profile is a success and much more so if it is an attractive top quality photograph like the one we obtained on this occasion, a lot of experience and kindness reflected before the camera lens.

Maribel Guardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia shared her great photo modeling.

Maribel Guardia has made her way through the world of entertainment, positioning herself as one of the favorites of viewers, we have had the opportunity to see her work on countless projects, even seeing her face on some products while we walk through our daily lives.

The celebrity is an excellent reference for the artists who arrive in Mexico and are received with open arms, which is why our dear artist has the opportunity to make herself known, continuing to this day working on what she likes the most.

She is currently participating in the play “Tenorio Cómica”, a staging where she plays Doña Inés and entertains everyone present, trying to return to the beautiful tradition of theater. She is also participating in the comedy show “Albertano contra los Mostros”, which you can see through the stars these coming Sundays.

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