Marie Claire | We tell you all about Aries people and which celebrities have birthdays this season

Aries celebrities are people with a Strong personality, they have a very artistic presence, with a particular point of view. It’s no wonder many of our favorite artists have birthdays this season.

Characteristics of the Arians:

Aries perfectly represents what it is to be a fire signis one of the most passionate, energetic and vital of the zodiac. Aries people are very adventurous, enthusiastic and have a great leadership spirit. As is the case of Lil Nas X who always excels in her musical performances no matter what people say, or Anya Taylor-Joy who always gives her all for her movies.

Aries people are beings independent, they adore freedom, they are passionate about being constantly on the move and they tend to be quite rebelliousso we are not surprised that Defend your ideals tooth and nailso it is possible that their negative characteristics, which are anger and aggressiveness.

He is a really fun and enthusiastic sign, he is very confident in himselfso he does not hesitate to take the reins of his life. Although sometimes he is very stubborn, he is very sensitive and has a lot of feeling. So be careful with offending an Aries person because it is difficult for him to forgive if he felt affected.


-Tini (March 21)

-Luis Miguel (April 19)

-Elton John (March 25)

-Emma Watson (April 15)

-Kristen Stewart (April 9)

-Sarah Jessica Parker (March 25)

-Victoria Beckham (April 17)

-Elle Fanning (April 9)

-Lil Nas X (April 9)

-Fergie (March 27)

-Anya Taylor-Joy (April 16)

-Celine Dion (March 30)

-Reese Witherspoon (March 22)

-Quentin Tarantino (March 27)

-Mariah Carey (March 27)

-Lady Gaga (March 28)

-Pharrell (April 6)

-Kourtney Kardashian (April 18)

-Kate Hudson (April 19)


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