Marilyn and the non-binary gender

I’m in London, a rainy day, despite good weather forecasts. I’m used to forecasts not coming true.

It’s hard not to talk about the Metropolitan Gala a week later, the images of the suits and the people who wore them, all of them famous, somehow continue to appear everywhere.

My first comment is both laudatory and with a point of caution. Watch out! I am totally in favor of incorporating feminine, or less masculine, elements into men’s clothing, and that we are not condemned to jackets, pants, and the typical vest. I applaud that some celebrities spots like bad bunny, oscar isaac either Harry Styles decide, beyond their own sexual orientation, to forget about the binary in clothing. By this I do not mean that every man has a woman inside, but that every man has a woman “outside”. Gaultier He was a pioneer, he started doing it before any other designer, in the nineties he took out his pleated skirt, Scottish style, and launched a line of makeup exclusively for men. He dared without anyone giving him permission, because he was already militating in the mistake that it is not, that is, gender is in the most intimate of our consciousness and the human being is too complex to be reduced to binary. Many young people, increasingly visible, show themselves with a mixture of genders, which has nothing to do with the unisex eighties, but with the protest of not feeling identified with either of the two binary genders. I think they do well to give themselves the opportunity to discover how they feel throughout their lives. They have plenty of time to decide.

Designers have picked up on this new sensibility and we see it on major red carpets (Oscar Y met, are undoubtedly the most striking) and dress some of the most outspoken celebrities with elements that suggest femininity or, at least, flee from the masculine. And it’s not just about history. billy porterthe host of Pose, which in recent years has adorned the Oscars carpet with amazing and ultra-diva models. This year, that I have seen, Oscar Isaac and Bad Bunny have been the feminizers. Good for them, but the intention is not enough, without a doubt they have been the worst dressed at the gala, closely followed by billie eilish, the poor. So much Thomas Browne What Burberry, respectively, they cannot sheath them in a kind of pencil skirt, up to the Bunny feet, Isaac’s shorter. It is about the garment being beautiful as well as being risky, otherwise fashion has no meaning. As for my beloved Billie Eilish, I think Alessandro Michele did not stop to look at her measurements before putting on a model that enlarged them all. Regarding Isaac and Bad Bunny, their respective outfits they are far from pretty, or even minimally funny.

I had to say, I’ve been covering my lips these days, but today on a rainy London day, while waiting for one of the actresses in my next film, I couldn’t help myself.

Although the nobinarism it has nothing to do with transsexuality, I take this opportunity to ask our Government that I don’t know what it is waiting for to sign the law on transsexuality. We must also tell the former vice president Carmen Bald that a transsexual does not need to turn sixteen to know that he is, at three years old they are already aware of the gender that lives in their minds. In these matters, a transsexual is much more mature than a heterosexual of the same age, for example.

And since I’m talking about the subject, I was very surprised to read a few weeks ago in The Independentin an interview with Sean Penn (so dark that it seemed digitized, the color of his skin did not seem human) in which he said “…cowardly genes are leading people to surrender their jeans and put on a skirt” [“Creo que los hombres, en mi opinión, se han vuelto bastante feminizados. Creo que hay muchos genes cobardes que provocan que las personas renuncien a sus jeans y se pongan una falda”].

The phrases are quite convoluted, but it seems that Sean Penn considers that men have become excessively feminized lately (the “cowardly genes” thing seems to me a bizarre metaphor).

Fortunately, gender issues have begun to change, although there is still a long way to go. What Penn says is weird and outdated. Today, for example, the saying “be more of a man” is totally meaningless.

under the motto “gilded glamour” this year there have also been true wonders, Blake Lively looked stunning, and our Rosaliawhom Givenchy he caught the flamenco point very well –the singer provided the rest– he overflowed with grace and joy. The Owner of All This, the Met Gala, that is, the omnipotent Anna WintourIt was just discreet. Despite not having been successful with Bad Bunny, Riccardo Tici she wore a lot of wonderful dresses played by her best friends who are already legends (I have the impression that Riccardo only relates to legends, Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Lila Moss). Like donatella versace (Lily James, Blake Lively, Emily Ratajkowski, Chiara Ferragni, Dwyane Wade, Olivia Rodrigo, Cole Sprouse, Lena Waithe). Both designers were the big winners in this vanity fair that the Metropolitan offers to the world of fashion every year, indifferent to the fact that the world is falling apart and in Spain we all feel spied on, including politicians from opposite sides.

Another look, another dress, seven kilos less and three iconic characters: Marilyn Monroe, JF Kennedy and Kim Kardashian. The seven kilos were lost by the latter. I don’t know whose idea it was, but I recognize that at first it seemed good, although it left me with a sad and bitter taste. I must be one of the few who have seen Blondethe wonderful film Andrew Dominicwhere Anne of Arms plays Marilyn in a chillingly real way. I have recorded a sequence (if it does not disappear from the final montage) of the harassment, something else, I would say, that he suffered from President JFK. The sequence is explicit enough to feel Marilyn’s own revulsion at such a moment. The film closely follows the novel by the enormous writer JOyce Carol Oateswhere more is said about Norma Jean Baker that of his work, that is, Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jean fought all her life so that men around the world understood that Marilyn was the result of her extraordinary work as an actress. Shortly after, when Norma Jean was already a zombie, she was invited to sing the famously whispered Happy Birthday, Mr President. I can imagine how poor Marilyn must have felt about the patriotic duty of singing to the same man who had abused her (I always refer to what I saw in the film) the happy birthday clad in a suit/second skin that from that very moment became a legend.

Many years before the word objectification became fashionable with respect to women, Norma Jean was already using it about herself, as she said, the public and the Hollywood industry had reduced it to being a thing. And before and after becoming famous, she was repeatedly abused by officials of said industry (I am surprised that the me too did not mention Marilyn throughout his righteous crusade against abuse of power in Hollywood). Joyce Carol Oates’s book speaks of this merciless struggle between the person and her character, which seems to me to be the best biography of Marilyn Monroe, even if it is a novel. (I didn’t read the Norman Mailer, but I do remember the delightful story he dedicates to it Truman Capote in music for chameleons).

The brilliant and dubious idea that the dress that Jean-Louis designed for the famous whispered happy birthday came to life, this time attached to the skin of Kim Kardashian, it was neither brilliant nor effective, but rather a little sinister and lacking in grace, because it was impossible not to think that Marilyn died six weeks after putting it on and, On the other hand, the only thing that would have justified the idea was that it would have looked fantastic on Kardashian, but it did not. To date it has been the worst look of the famous influencer, did not deserve the sacrifice of the seven kilos he lost, his figure looked flat, neutral, insipid and indefinite. The Spanish saying says “the habit does not make the monk”, in this case it is literal, Norma Jean’s dress did not turn whoever wore it into Marilyn, because the dress is nothing without the soul, and Marilyn’s soul had already started to disappear before the celebration of the presidential birthday, although its absolute extinction would take six weeks to complete. I am sorry to end this chronicle, which is not, with a bitter taste. The event could not be more sparkling and more charitable, the millions raised at the dinner go to the self-financing of the Fashion Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, whose independence makes the gala absolutely necessary.

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