“Marilyn has black eyes”: Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone in an intense, exciting and funny film


They are Diego and Clara, the protagonists of Simone Godano’s film in cinemas from 14 October

Miriam Leone and Stefano Accorsi

Tiziana Lupi
October 14, 2021 at 08:44

He has an unlikely haircut and a stutter that catches him, along with a series of tics, when he gets angry or in trouble; she has an extravagant look to say the least and a curious short bangs. They are Diego and Clara, the protagonists of Simone Godano’s film “Marilyn has black eyes”, in the rooms from 14 October. To interpret them are Stefano Accorsi And Miriam Leone who, to become the two guests of a day center for disturbed people, did not hesitate to get ugly to highlight the fragility of their characters: «We used an empathic approach, looking at these people from within. We laughed with them but not at them »says Accorsi.

Who are Diego and Clara?
Stefano Accorsi: «Diego is a person who has much more in common with me than I thought when I started working on him. He is someone who, when he gets angry, “sbrocca” but we all have that mechanism at the bottom. I also get angry if someone does not respect the rules, or in front of certain carelessness. The difference is that many of us manage to hide their weaknesses while others, like Diego, do not succeed and become victims of it ».
Miriam Leone: «Clara is that crazy friend that I would love to have. A woman who does not have confidence in herself but has a lot of it in others and encourages them to believe in it. His is, as Vasco sings, “all a balance over madness”. But also under and inside madness ».


Does it mean that the boundary between normality, or presumed so, and diversity is thin?
Stefano: «In the film Diego at a certain point says:“ They think they are right because they are more. The normal “. I think it’s fair to ask who are normal and what it means to be. When you play certain characters like Diego you realize how difficult it is to be in the minority compared to a majority that judges you. It is easy to feel strong when there are many ».
Miriam: «I agree with Stefano. It is right to ask ourselves about diversity, about otherness, especially in a moment of homologation like the one we are experiencing. The message that goes through the film is that you don’t have to judge. Not surprisingly, there is also a love story ».

How did you prepare to become Clara and Diego? It must have been a demanding job on the physical plane too …
Stefano: «The first thing is to get information, so I went to a place similar to the day center mentioned in the film. When you enter a place like this you realize that the people who are there live in a universe different from ours which is made up of social media, newspapers, television. Then, of course, I worked a lot on physical appearance and tics. In the end, however, I let the matter live, I entered the flesh of the character. And I threw myself into a melee with Diego. When I was little I was very impressed with “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, in which Jack Nicholson looked normal but was not at all. And “Joker” was also a source of inspiration. But in the end, when you make a character it’s him who takes you a little bit where you need to go, we didn’t get lost in quotes ».
Miriam: «I too have prepared myself by attending the day centers. I disguised myself to look like one of the guests. Living with these people helped me to be Clara and not judge her ».

There is also a lot of love in the film.
Stefano: «There is Diego’s father, played by Marco Messeri, who unconditionally loves his son even with all his frailties. And there is Diego who says to his daughter: “Don’t worry, now I’ll fix everything”. This father-daughter relationship touched me a lot. All of us would like to say such a phrase to our children and it is difficult for us to show ourselves fragile. But there comes a time when they inevitably teach us something ».
Miriam: «At a certain point Diego says to Clara:“ You are fine as you are ”. I think it is an important theme now: you can really be yourself after having met each other but also when the other shows you beautiful things ».

One of the most irresistible scenes of the film is the one in which you sing, or rather out of tune, the famous “I wanna be loved by you” by Marilyn Monroe.
Stefano: “Singing is not my strength (laughs), but when you are an actor you realize that you have to throw away your modesty, you have to throw your heart over the obstacle ».
Miriam: «I, on the other hand, can sing and my problem was the opposite: I had to be out of tune and do it in a credible way. It seems to me that I have succeeded! “


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