Mario Casas turns 36: we review his 10 best films

Hmany years ago mario houses he stopped being that handsome boy who sold because his films were consumed en masse by female audiences. His Goya award in 2020 leading actor in ‘No Matars’ It was the consecration of an actor who is one of the faces of our cinema.

‘Los Hombres de Paco’, ‘El Barco’ or ‘Three Meters Above the Sky’ These are some of the films that elevated him to the category of teen star, but his latest shootings have positioned him as a figure in cinema for all audiences, especially adults, with much more dramatic films.

Born in A Corua on June 12, 1986, his next project is the spin-off of ‘Blindly’American film starring Sandra Bullock in 2018. But that will come, for now, We are going to review his 10 best films for his 36 years.

The 10 best films of Mario Casas

The practitioner

Available on Netflix, it is about a psychopath who is left in a wheelchair after an accident, which makes him go completely crazy.

The Mauthausen Photographer

One of the few films about World War II made in Spain. It tells the story of a Catalan Republican who works in the photographic laboratory of the Mauthausen concentration camp.

The witches of Zugarramurdi

It was the year 2013 and together with Hugo Silva, he starred in one of the best comedies of the year. It tells the story of a group of jewel thieves fleeing to the forests of the Basque Country, but they are captured by a group of witches who feed on human flesh.

The bar

Again in 2017, lex de la Iglesia had Mario Casas in its cast. A young woman, Blanca Surez; a ludpata lady, Carmen Machi; a beggar, Jaime Ordoez; and a hipster, Mario Casas, find themselves locked in a bar after a murder and begin to clash with each other.


Mario Casas and Javier Gutirrez star in a film in which an executive is forced to move to another apartment, but he still has the keys to his old house and decides to go spy on his new tenants.

You shall not kill

With this film he won the Goya for best actor. A shy boy finds himself in trouble after crossing paths with a girl who doesn’t suit him.


A third-grade prisoner gets permission to attend his daughter’s communion, but the girl’s accidental death gives way to a network of police corruption and drug trafficking.

The innocent

A fight that happened nine years ago and that ended with one dead, haunts Mario Casas and stops him from starting a new life.


Mario Casas is Toro, a man who comes out of prison in search of a new life, but society, with its prejudices, does not let him advance.

under the wolf skin

It tells us about the life of the last inhabitant of a village lost in the mountains of Northern Spain.

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