“Mario Draghi’s latest investment scares the banks”, yet another bitcoin fake


“Mario Draghi’s latest investment left the experts speechless and scared the banks”. A title that we have encountered on many occasions, but which is now repeated with the name of the Prime Minister currently in office. On other occasions the same story was told on Jovanotti, Fiorella Mannoia, Marco Baldini, Enrico Brignano. At this turn the Facebook page Vibration Matters posted a link that appears to come from Corriere della Sera.

When this happened they thought the camera was not recording.
The mic was still on when he said this live.

That national newspapers expire several times in the clickbait is certainly not new, and the Corriere della Sera he is not immune from this criticism. Let’s open the link (stored here) and check the URL: “ The original URL of the Corriere della Sera And “”, Not “Bus” nor “”. We are faced with a clear fake. Here is the screenshot:

We have underlined in red “Corrierto of the Evening “, detail that betrays the obvious fake traced on the original logo of the official newspaper. In the article we read:

Last week, he was a guest of “La Vita in Diretta”, announcing a new “wealth loophole” which, in his opinion, can turn anyone into a millionaire within 3-4 months. Draghi advised all Italians to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, before the big banks block it forever.

Live Life talked about Mario Draghi in February 2021 on the occasion of his arrival at Quirinale as a successor to Giuseppe Conte to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. There is no news of the presence in the studio of the current prime minister, and we are therefore faced with one hoax. The opportunity, for the authors, is tempting to attract the attention of readers with an influential character and tell yet another story of easy earnings:

What allowed me to be successful was the fact that I quickly took advantage of this opportunity, without any hesitation. At the moment, what is earning me the most is a new automated cryptocurrency trading program, called Bitcoin Prime. This is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen in my life, and it can make a fortune quickly. I urge everyone to take advantage of it, before the banks block it.

This is what Draghi would have said once the microphones of the format hosted by Alberto Matano were turned off. He would later show his earnings to studio guests: “I’m talking about tens of thousands of euros a day”. In short, the usual story. The fake on Mario Draghi’s latest investment is therefore yet another story given to naive users who do not verify the source, deceived by that reference to the Courier service. Here are the results:

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