Mario Irivarren parodies Rosángela Espinoza’s reaction to seeing Angelina Jolie

Mario Irivarren parodies Rosángela Espinoza.  (Photo: composition)
Mario Irivarren parodies Rosángela Espinoza. (Photo: composition)

mario irivarren He recorded a funny video that made more than one laugh. This is a parody that she did to Rosangela Espinoza after seeing Angelina Jolie. As you remember, in 2021, the member of This is war published the precise moment when he saw the star of Hollywood. The excited model wrote that her dream had come true.

Another dream come true. Angelina Jolie live. I was just coming out of the train station in Venice and I saw desperate photographers. None other than the star Angelina Jolie. I hope she sees my post I will tag her and I hope she sees me. The truth that very simpleRosángela Espinoza wrote at the time.

This moment was revived by mario irivarrenwho was recorded very excited greeting an alleged Angelina Jolie. “Rosángela was not the only one who crossed paths with Angelina in Venice!”, wrote the former member of This is war. Also, she attached a laughing face.

This video already has more than 51,000 likes and countless comments, including Mario Hart, who wrote: “The best video of your life.” His followers pointed out that for a moment they believed that he was seeing the actress and that they were waiting for his partner’s response from Esto es Guerra.

Mario Irivarren parodies Rosángela Espinoza. (Video: Instagram)

However, the young woman did not remain silent. When América Televisión consulted her about this material, she indicated: “I fulfilled my dream, one of my dreams was to meet Angelina Jolie, she was… the international magazines took that video to report that she was with her daughter… He is doing the parody, now it’s my turn, I’m going to return, one with another”.

As recalled, Mario Irivarren is devoted to his social networks after staying off TV. The production of Esto es Guerra did not call it for this year. In an interview for Magaly TV La Firme, the model pointed out that he does not know the reasons but that he hopes to return to reality at some point.

Why didn’t they call me (from Esto es Guerra? I don’t know. I haven’t talked about it at any time, with anyone from production. Nor have I honestly asked if they call me and value my cool job, and if not, no “pointed out to the Magaly Medina reporter at that time.

In the meantime, he is devoting his time to surfing, to his clothing store and to promoting some brands through his social networks.


mario irivarren began his path as a reality boy in 2011, with the premiere of Combat, a program hosted at the time by Gian Piero Díaz and Renzo Schuller. It is here that he meets vania bludau. However, they were just very good friends. Years later he enters This is war, where he remained until the penultimate season, in 2021. For this, the model already had a relationship with the brunette.

According to Mario, everything was born suddenly, when she was already living in the United States and he was in the reality show on América TV. One day, Irivarren says, he invited her to an outing with friends, taking advantage of the fact that she was in Peru. Suddenly, something came up between them. Once Vania had to return abroad, they realized that they were falling in love.

However, it is not the only love that Mario is known for, he has also been a couple of Alondra García Miró and Yvanna Yturbe, who today is married to soccer player Beto Da Silva, and with whom he has a baby. For her part, García Miró has a relationship with Paolo Guerrero.

Mario Irivarren does not lose hope of being summoned once again to This is War. While this happens, he continues with his clothing store and advertising his brands through social networks.

Mario Irivarren qualifies Vania Bludau as an empowered woman.  (Photo: Instagram)
Mario Irivarren qualifies Vania Bludau as an empowered woman. (Photo: Instagram)


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