Mario vs. Donkey Kong is not on sale and is already on sale

Pure and simple fun is Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a game that can be purchased for slightly less than the suggested retail price.

10 euros cheaper: Mario Vs.  Donkey Kong is not on sale and is already on sale
Mario vs. Donkey Kong has over 130 levels.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong goes on sale February 16th. We’re talking about the classic Game Boy Advance game that has been updated for Nintendo Switch, and this new version contains many improvements.. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing in physical format, this is the deal for you. You can pre-purchase it on Amazon for 10 euros less than the recommended price.

The recommended retail price for this game is €49.90, but if you reserve it on Amazon, it can be yours for just €39.90 (20% discount). If you have doubts and do not know whether it is worth buying, we remind you that There is a demo version available on Nintendo eShop.. On the other hand, it is worth noting that this version has an improved soundtrack and graphics, two completely new worlds, a cooperative mode, new additional mushroom levels, and also added the “Relaxed Style” and “Time Trial” modes.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Get Mario Vs. Donkey Kong for €39.90 on Amazon

Like the original Game Boy Advance game, this game combines logic puzzle and platforming. Throughout the game you need to help Mario get Minimario back., toys he created and which Donkey Kong stole from him out of jealousy. To do this you will have to overcome more than 130 levels scattered across eight different worlds.

In each level you have to find a key that opens the door to MiniMario. Collect all possible gifts and reach the end without losing a single life.. The levels are full of obstacles, traps and enemies that will test your skills. Additionally, at the end of each world, you’ll face Donkey Kong in an arcade-style duel where you’ll have to throw barrels at him and dodge his attacks.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Mario vs. Donkey Kong there is a local co-op mode, where the second player controls Toad. In this mode New changes and challenges have appeared at the levels., so you will have to cooperate to solve the puzzles and reach the end. Let’s say this is a different and very interesting way to enjoy the game.

In short, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong is a highly recommended game whether you play alone or with someone. If you like puzzles and platformers, don’t hesitate to buy this great game. Take advantage of this offer and get it for only 39.90 euros. There are units available at the time of writing, but this could change at any time.

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