Maripily Rivera celebrates her birthday with an announcement: She is leaving

Maripily Rivera celebrated her 45th birthday with a big announcement.

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Maripily Rivera celebrates her birthday with an announcement, after 16 years living in Miami, she is leaving. Yes, with a double party, one on Saturday in the city of the sun, and another this Wednesday in Puerto Rico, the “hurricane Puerto Rico” makes an important announcement that will change his life.

Where is he going? He returns to Puerto Rico… After so many years, Maripily agreed to do a play on her Isla del Encanto, ‘Maripily and her Two Husbands’and for this he will move back with his family for a year.

Rivera announced it at the birthday party he had with his friends in Miami, which functioned as a kind of ‘see you later’, and there he exclusively told us that In addition, for this, he even rented the apartment he has in a very exclusive building in the financial district of Miami, the same one where Luis Miguel and the tennis player Juan Manuel del Potro have their properties.among others.

As we told you, the play is called “Maripily and her Two Husbands’, and of course she will be the protagonist: “This is the dream of any woman… I am a multifaceted woman and this time I have to work in my country, I will be close to the familyon weekends with the play, I will be from Friday to Sunday”

In addition to following Close to your clothing businesses such as swimwear, jeans, sportswear and now your second perfume, it will allow you to be close to your familyespecially his father, who is his great adviser, and his son Joe Joe, who has been living in Puerto Rico with his father for several years.

I don’t know if I’m going to get used to it after 16 years, if I’m going to miss Miami a lot, because I have very good friends here, I have my home, which I had to put up for rent between when I came and went, and the important thing is to experiment and do different things, and come back”, he continued telling us exclusively.

And before blowing out candles, he told us what he wants for these 45 years that begin full of challenges:

For these 45 years, what I ask God for the most is life, because he has given me so many blessings in life.I have been able to fulfill myself in so many areas as a mother, as a businesswoman, as a woman, and what I ask God to continue giving me the strength, and keep filling me with life and health to be able to enjoy. I understand that I am in the best stage of life, both emotionally and professionally, it is when I am more focused, calm, when I take better care of myself, that is why I am celebrating the love of my son, my family, my friends, “he concluded.



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