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Mark Cuban it is not a new acquaintance for those who love cryptocurrencies. The tycoon who is among other things president of the Dallas Mavericks he is known to have been among the very first to accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

In one of his latest releases, however, while confirming the affection for Dogecoin, indicated in Ethereum a safer harbor, especially for investors. This though not giving up to the openings towards $ DOGE, which continues to be accepted in its activities.

Mark Cuban - Ethereum's worst dogecoin
Another turnaround of Mark Cuban

All this while Ethereum lives one of his most intense days ever. Great growth, which reported the token on fee 3,800 $, with a bull run that isn’t ready to stop there. We can invest in Ethereum with the eToro crypto-platformgo here to preview all the services with the free demo account – intermediary with 31+ cryptocurrencies assets in the price list and various exclusive services. We can in fact use it with the CopyTrader, an alternative system to automatic trading to copy the best or spy on them.

Or we can rely on CopyPortfolios, which also on Ethereum offer interesting combinations with other cryptocurrencies. To ride the bull run with a real account will be enough $ 50 of capital to invest.

Mark Cuban: “Ethereum is a great investment opportunity

According to the tycoon, who spoke about cryptocurrencies during a recent interview with CNBC, Bitcoin would be ready to overcome gold as a safe haven asset, even if it was a phrase dedicated to Ethereum:

As an investment, I believe that Ethereum have the greatest advantages. Dogecoin? I have never told anyone that this is a great investment. I’ve always said it’s a great way to understand how cryptocurrencies work and how to invest in the market.

Pulling back from some decidedly over the top releases, which to many had seemed a clear sponsorship of what goes around the cryptocurrency meme most important of the sector. Cryptocurrency which, we remind you, is also accepted as a payment method for the merchandising of his basketball team, which plays in theNBA, or i Dallas Mavericks.

The bright moment of Ethereum

Ethereum comes from a particularly bright day, with the cryptocurrency earning on 24 hours almost the 10%, partially recovering the gap accumulated in the last few days precisely in relation to Bitcoin. A look at thetechnical analysis to understand if this recovery of the sector alt it may or may not be lasting.

MOBILE MEDIA 10 50 100 200
The 24-hour moving averages on ETH

The 24-hour moving averages they signal a very happy time for $ ETH: if we were to stop at this analysis we should be practically sure of the rise in cryptocurrency between today and tomorrow. To have a more complete overview, however, we will also look at the indicators.

The technical indications on ETH at 24 hours

Also in this case a picture that anticipates, always on the next ones 24 hours a rather sustained rise. However, this must be evaluated net of lateral movements that could resume in the sector, hunting for the idea that could bring almost all the coins and tokens back to theirs all-time highs.

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