Mark Rossini surrenders to federal authorities in Puerto Rico

Mark T Rossinithe former federal agent who participated in the bribery scheme against the former governor Wanda Vazquez Garcedwill appear this Tuesday before a federal magistrate to hear the criminal charges against him.

The appearance before Judge Camille Vélez Rivé will take place at 11:45 amannounced the Puerto Rico federal prosecutor’s office in a press release.

Rossini was in Madrid thus, he had not been arrested by US authorities at the time of his indictment, on August 3, by a federal grand jury.

Meanwhile, the head of the federal prosecutor’s office in Puerto Rico, Stephen Muldrowconfirmed that Rossini turned himself in at the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English) in San Juan.

”It was delivered here”Muldrow said in an interview with The new day. “She decided to turn herself in and has her sight today and we are continuing the process.”

He added that it is the best because he does not have to go through a formal extradition process.

Muldrow, however, declined to comment on the status of the move to take custody of the banker Julio M. Herrera Velutini.

The former FBI agent had been accused of conspiracy, bribery with federal funds and illegal commissions to Vázquez Garced. Also accused in this scheme are Vázquez Garced, Herrera Velutini, owner of Bancrédito International Bank & Trust whom Rossini was advising, according to the indictment.

The journalist Laura Quintero collaborated in this story.

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