Mark Wahlberg, 15 kilos more for his next film: “I’ll eat everything”


Mark Wahlberg will have to put on 15 pounds for the lead role in a biopic focusing on Father Stuart Long, a former boxer who embraced a priestly career and died in 2014.

Mark Wahlberg will star in a biopic focusing on Father Stuart Long. To take on the role of the former boxer dedicated to a priestly career, Wahlberg will have to put on about 15 kg. The actor had been working on the construction of the film for the past six years.

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Spenser Confidential: a close-up of Mark Wahlberg

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Father Stu, a biopic about Father Stuart Long, will be starring Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and Teresa Ruiz and written and directed by Rosalinda Ross. During his recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, Wahlberg stated that production on the film would begin Monday with all the boxing scenes. The next goal would have been to gain weight: “After shooting the boxing sequences, I have to start eating anything in order to gain about 15 kg in six weeks. I will eat whatever comes under fire!”.


Father Stuart Long’s boxing career ended after a fractured jaw. The man, therefore, decided to move to Los Angeles to try to break into the world of cinema but was the victim of a terrible motorcycle accident. During his hospitalization, Stuart Long claimed to have become the protagonist of an extrasensory experience that convinced him to enroll in a seminary to become a priest. During his studies, however, the man discovered that he was suffering from a rare degenerative muscle disease that led to his death in 2014.

Known for being one of the hottest action actors in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg starred in Boogie Nights, Three Kings, The Yards, The Perfect Storm, Rulers of the Night, The Departed, Ted, The Day Came, The Fighter and two episodes of the Transformers franchise.


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