Mark Wahlberg donates $ 1.5 million to # Time’sUp


Mark Wahlberg has announced that he will donate $ 1.5 million to the # Time’sUp movement that fights workplace harassment and gender inequality. Hollywood’s second highest paid actor Forbes, twice Oscar nominee, thus reacts to the controversy that erupted in recent days after his remuneration was announced to rewind the scenes of All the money in the world than my colleague Michelle Williams. A news released by Use Today who cited sources “not authorized to speak”, now confirmed by Wahlberg himself who has therefore decided to donate the entire amount to fund for legal fees in defense of all molested women launched two weeks ago by 300 actresses. Also William Morris Endeavor (Wme), the agency representing both protagonists of Ridely Scott’s film, has decided to join by announcing that it will add half a million dollars, bringing the total donation to # Time’sUp to two million.

“In the last few days, my fee for shooting the scenes of All the money in the world has become an important topic of conversation – wrote the actor on Twitter – I support the fight for a fair pay 100 percent and will donate $ 1.5 million to the Time’s Up legal defense fund in the name of Michelle Williams. “

Wahlberg will do it on behalf of colleague Michell Williams who in Ridley Scott’s film about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty, was paid less than a thousand dollars to film the scenes with Christopher Plummer – after the cancellation of Kevin Spacey, who was also overwhelmed by the harassment scandal. – while he had just one and a half million dollars.

Michelle Williams responded to Wahlberg and Wme’s gesture with a statement released by a spokesperson: “Today it’s not about me,” she said. “The actresses have been by my side and supported me, my activist friends have taught me to use my voice and the most powerful men have listened and acted. If we truly envision a fair world, it takes the same effort and sacrifice. . Today is one of the most indelible days of my life thanks to Mark Wahlberg, Wme and a community of women and men who share this achievement “.


The agency representing the two actors also feels involved: “The ongoing debate reminds us that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to question inequalities, including the gender pay gap,” he writes. in a note the Wme. “Recognizing the pay discrepancy of the filming of All the money in the world Wme will donate an additional $ 500,000 to Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name, following our $ 1 million pledge given earlier this month. It is vital that the debate continues within our community and we are committed to being part of the solution. “

After the sexual harassment and abuse scandal, which began with complaints against producer Harvey Weinstein, attention has been raised on the issue of differences in economic treatment in Hollywood. Between the most striking cases is that of Gal Gadot’s compensation for the role of Wonder Woman who earned $ 300,000 a film while Henry Cavill for the role of Superman in Man of Steel he had been paid $ 14 million.


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