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Mark Wahlberg, one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, was born on June 5, 1971 in Boston, USA

Woe to remember a Mark Wahlberg his past as a “bad boy” because today this actor, one of the most popular in the US, is now and for years another person. He goes to mass every morning, he also has a chapel on his estate, he is very married and serene, with a brood of children (four) who cuddle himself at ball games, dance lessons and out and about with his wife. That is the beautiful former model Rhea Durham, green eyes and expressive face, strong-willed character, today an entrepreneur, but first and foremost a full-time mother and wife.
Also, as an actor, year after year, leaving behind a difficult childhood and turbulent adolescence and early youth, improves and more than ever has confirmed it. Boston – manhunt (Patriots Day) directed by Peter Berg in which he is a policeman, to be exact an FBI special agent, engaged in Boston on the day of the marathon, April 15, 2013, and the terrorist attack with the explosion of two bombs, which killed three people, generated an endemic panic, injured more than two hundred and sixty present.

The chronicle of the dramatic events in the film is detailed, like the Boston fresco, which in its lacerations becomes a metaphor for America. The National Board of American Critics included him in the ten best films of the year and although Wahlberg did not have, as he hoped and is sincere to say, the Oscar nomination, his performance was praised by all, he made thousands cry. of viewers, has solidified his presence, both as a brilliant actor as when playing the foul-mouthed character in the film series Ted, who as a protagonist of solid dramatic stature.

He says: I was born and raised in Boston and this film was really important to me. I had read and reread the book Boston Strong by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, I was looking forward to starring with Kevin Bacon, JKSimmons, John Goodman and with the good Michelle Monaghan, my wife in the film. It was a great experience and I distance myself from those who accused the film of patriotic rhetoric. It is a real, news movie, hard, dramatic, tense and I really love it very much, in every moment, not only for the hunt for terrorists, but for any human relationship that it analyzes even in the characters who have very short roles.

Do you want to explain the title of the film to the Italian audience that doesn’t know many details?
When the film was first presented at the American Film Institute Festival in Los Angeles, I was as thrilled as a novice actor, my heart was pounding. The Boston Marathon celebrates Patriots’ Day every year, a day proclaimed as far back as 1984, “public holiday”, as a synonym for the United States of freedom and union. This national event was celebrated, with one exception, even during the war years. I have always been linked to Boston and, therefore, the film had a special meaning for me.

Who is his cop called Tommy Saunders?
A man who loves his homeland and who is totally involved in the drama of the terrible day, which on the screen also turns into a thriller for the hunt for the terrorists responsible for the explosion. He doesn’t want to be a hero, he does his job well. I am one of the producers of the film, I am proud of it and it was special for me to play with John Goodman, who plays the Boston Police commissioner and with my friend Kevin Bacon, special agent (like my character) of the FBI. The cast is unique, there is also David Ortiz, the baseball player, in the role of himself. I do not want to tell every detail although the film is based on the well-known and truthful news.

The tension of the thriller is in my opinion one of the most significant qualities of the film, like the interrogations of the American wife of one of the terrorists, like the children who are injured and for their whole life they will remember the tragedy, the fear, the sense of tragedy. and death that engulfed Boston on what was supposed to be a sports day and a national holiday.


A scene from the movie Boston – Manhunt with Mark Wahlberg as FBI Special Agent Sergeant Tommy Saunders

After the attack in Boston, President Obama made a memorable speech to the nation. Did you agree that this speech was part of the film?
Absolutely yes. Obama’s words spoken after the events are forever etched in the memory of my country. The terrorism that Europe experienced and experienced years before America is a gangrene of our time, the other side of fundamentalisms and extremisms that have nothing to do with any form of ideology.

The reactions to your film were among the most disparate …
Like those in an HBO documentary about the survivors of the massacre, about the wounded who saw so many of their relatives and friends die. I repeat: the film does not have anything speculative, it is in my opinion absolutely honest even if my policeman is partly a fictional character and does not follow a real person. Criticism from the Boston Herald was harsh, others enthusiastic.

At the end of the film we see one of the bombers, Tsarnaev, in prison …
It will stay there for life, I hope. Berg was a great director even though many have said and written that the only right director would be Katherine Bigelow. What I appreciate about our film is the sincerity, the pain that pervades it. It’s not just a hunt for the culprits script: it’s a glimpse of my hometown, America, and the Reznor and Ross soundtrack is also very American. I hope, however, that the film is seen in the right way in your country and in the world.

At this point in your career, how and why do you choose the films to interpret?
The script has to catch me, whether it’s a comedy or a drama. I have made several films with Berg, this is, in my opinion, our best. My Tommy is committed to exhaustion in rescuing the wounded and hunting the culprits and we must not forget that there was an endemic terror that day because after the explosions it was thought that the attackers would have planted more bombs in the city. Panic was felt everywhere.


For some critics and viewers Boston – the manhunt is a propaganda film. What do you reply?
There is no propaganda, I repeat, in our cinematic rendering: there are real men, families uprooted by the explosions and there is America’s ability to resist every blow, to regain security.


Mark Wahlberg with Michelle Monaghan (who plays his wife in the film) on the set of Boston – manhunt. In cinemas from April 20

Soon we will see her in another episode of Transformers directed by Michael Bay…
Do you mean that I went from the truth of the news to the most unrealistic special effects? I believe in the Transformers saga and this fifth chapter is as unique as my character, Cade Yeager, is. We also shot in Cuba, the film will be released in the summer and viewers will see another threat coming to Earth and the search for peace between transformers and humans.

Will characters and super robots already seen come back?
Yes, with me again Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and, surprise, Sir Anthony Hopkins, who will be hilarious for everyone because his character as an English aristocrat plays a significant role in the plot. Then I will shoot a sequel to this film always directed by Michael Bay.

You are also very busy as a film and television producer, have a large family, are very busy with your philanthropic and restaurateur activities. How do you manage to reconcile everything and have time for everything?
I lead a spartan and healthy life, I get up early in the morning, I love my job and my family infinitely and I enjoy and relax even playing comedies like the one I’m shooting, Daddy’s Home 2 with another great friend of mine, Will Ferrell.

She is the youngest of nine children: her father, who has disappeared, was at war in Korea, her mother has Irish blood …
And she raised us all with love and never stopped her job as a nurse as well. A great woman and I think that, in essence, women are stronger and more determined than men, in spite of those who call me homophobic for old urban legends.

What does he owe to his family?
Everything, even forgiving my mistakes. I owe my mother to have been by my side in difficult years, when I stole cars and had no balance. The man I have become now I owe, first and foremost, to my wife and I consider myself a survivor, not only because by chance I did not take the United Airlines flight on 9/11, which crashed without leaving any survivors, but because I crossed and came out of many gray areas.

What does he do to distract himself from his hundred commitments?
I play ball and baseball, I cultivate our vegetable garden, I write gastronomic recipes, I have not abandoned my passion for music and I am always and still a friend of the Calvin Klein clan. To which I owe one of my first successes for the underwear advertising campaign. Then I take care of our restaurants with some of my brothers, I continue to support the Democratic Party, I avoid any comments from our current President Trump because I have other much more serious things to do for my country and I spend all my free time with my children.

He was nominated for an Oscar as a supporting actor for Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. Was he hoping for another nomination this year after the one he had also won for The Fighter?
I am hoping for a long career and then I will have time to rack up more accolades and maybe someday a sequel to Boogie Nights will also be filmed even though Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of the first film, continues to decline offers. It was a joy to act with Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Don Cheadle. I owe a lot to that movie and my Eddie Adams character. Like Calvin Klein underwear.



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