Mark Wahlberg in new role in ‘Arthur the King’ trailer

This is the trailer for the new movie with Mark Wahlberg (shooter), gettytail arthur king, In the film, Michael Light (Mark Wahlberg) played a straight-faced Tijdens and Slopande Tocht. Despite being involved in a brutal race in the Dominican Republic, your band won a lot of the word.

When we were talking about the Michael Light race, we were expecting to be eliminated from the race. All he had left was for Strathond (Arthur the King) to go to the racetracks’ Aventurerlais, where he could reach a distance of 700 kilometres.

talentvol cast
Ek het roer van dej film over friendschap tussen mens en dire stat Simon Cellan Jones (Klondike, There is also a new version of D television action comedy family planning Met with Mark Wahlberg at Planning State in late December.

If he really has Wahlberg, he is a storming talent for Simu Liu. Of barbie-ster is an important lid of race-gezelschap. Game of Thrones veteran Nathalie Emmanuel (fast x, This is also the role of Bear Grylls which has been opened.

arthur king Gapland set up for a week at the American Bioscope on March 22. A release for the Netherlands has not yet begun. Details of the new trailer:

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