Mark Wahlberg’s quarantine and amateur manicure


Being a good father in the days of Covid-19 is not a weakness. This is the case of Mark Wahlberg, a well-known American rapper, actor, film producer, business man and now his daughter Grace’s nail art model.

Mark Wahlberg and the home manicure

Even the Wahlberg family, like several well-known faces of entertainment and music, has shown that they respect the rules of the quarantine against Covid-19. On his Instagram profile Mark Wahlberg, a well-known American actor and rapper, recently published a hilarious story that saw him in the role of a nail art model.

The pseudo-nail technician is precisely the daughter Grace, ten years old, equipped with a nail kit and a lot of good will. In the video, Mark Wahlberg appears obviously uncomfortable as the little girl continues to apply the rigorously pink nail polish with ease and smiling cheerfully. The story, to date, has found enormous success among followers with 6,074 comments and 250,528 views.

The quarantine in the Wahlberg house

Mark Wahlberg he is observing the quarantine at his home in Los Angeles with his wife Rea Durham and their 4 children. Like everyone else, the family keeps busy with cleaning, exercise, movies, cartoons and cooking.

However, especially when there are children, it is important to break the monotony and forget for a moment the tension generated by the moment. We should obtain more and more moments of play and lightheartedness to share with those we love and with those who, for obvious reasons, are far away. The only good thing about this quarantine is that it allows prominent personalities like Mark Wahlberg to enjoy their family and especially their children. The amateur beauty video with little Grace as a nail technician has now gone viral and has entertained the whole world, transforming even a virile man like Mark Wahlberg into a good father. Proof that a manicure and pedicure with pink nail polish are absolutely not a sign of weakness.

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