Mark Zuckerberg, destroyed in the networks by an image of the metaverse

The tycoon was teased after sharing a screenshot of the Horizon Worlds platform.

While more revelations about the future of the metaverse are awaited, its creator, mark zuckerberg, was once again ridiculed on social media. Meta’s CEO posted a screenshot that left a lot to be desired about the platform Horizon Worldsin celebration of game release in France and Spain.

The image that Zuckerberg spread a sample of his avatar that was far from representing a finished sample of the product. The capture showed his virtual alter ego with dead eyes in the middle of an empty landscape populated only by a small version of the Eiffel Tower and the Tibidabo Cathedral from Barcelona.

The image trended on “Second Life” for a while on Twitter, with people saying that it somehow looked “worse than the Sims game of decades ago.”

To make matters worse, Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement left his metaverse even more exposed by coinciding on the same day that Fortnite presented its special event with Dragon Ball Z, reinforcing its much more fun and attractive version of the concept.

The peculiar avatar of Mark Zuckerberg from the latest version of the virtual reality video game Horizon Worlds.

The peculiar avatar of Mark Zuckerberg from the latest version of the virtual reality video game Horizon Worlds.

The fact is that the metaverse is usually the target of memes because Horizon Worlds has not had great advances graphically since its inception and could hardly improve over the years, where its avatars still look like they came out of a Nintendo 64, and even worse: they don’t have legs yet.

On the other hand, 2D VR screenshots are hard to share, and that VR generally lags behind traditional console and PC games in terms of graphics.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that even within VR, Horizon Worlds is one of the worst looking offerings ever seen, and that Meta spent something like US$10 billion going after his Horizon, the VR-focused version of the metaverse, even embarrassingly changing his company name to reflect that.

The app, which has been available to users in an invite-only closed beta form since 2020, opened its services in the US and Canada last December and followed this launch by opening its platform to customers in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Iceland this year.

What is Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds.

Horizon Worlds.

This virtual reality title, owned by Meta, is an immersive social experience where you can explore, play and create in community with other users. It allows you to experience a virtual reality world in which you are represented by a configurable avatar and they can traverse worlds created by other players and experiences developed by companies.

“From action-packed games to quiet places ideal for meditation, Horizon Worlds has something to offer for all tastes and moods,” Zuckerberg explained during the announcement of his arrival in Spain and France.

He added: “Earlier this year, we released our first asset library, a collection of pre-made items that creators can use whenever they want. We started testing ways to monetize the things you build in Horizon World, through options like selling virtual goods or offering paid access to exclusive spaces.”

In addition, Horizon Worlds has an important security policy, a condition that Meta is focused on based on his experiences with his social networks Facebook and Instagram: “For starters, our Horizon VR Conduct Policy and Prohibited Content Policy Worlds describe what is and is not allowed on our platform.”

“If someone bothers you, you have several options. From the menu on your wrist, you can tap on the shield icon and open SafeZonethat allows you to take a break from your surroundings and block, silence or report anyone who engages in unwanted behavior,” he said.

As recognized by the company, new users of Horizon Worlds go through an incorporation process that explains how to use the Safe Zone and the sanctions to which an account can be subjected in case of violating its policies, such as restriction, suspension or directly that is disabled.


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