Marlene Favela shared a photo with her mother for Mother’s Day and impressed her fans with her beauty | Famous

On rare occasions, the 44-year-old actress has shared snapshots with her mother, who most of the time remains away from the spotlight. According to what Marlene pointed out on her YouTube channel, it is because she is not used to it.

“She is not used to appearing on television, to being interviewed,” she admitted.

Marlene Favela shared a photo with her mother and surprised her with their resemblance

Through her Instagram account – where she has gathered more than five million followers – Marlene published a photograph in which she appears with her mom and immediately caused a stir among her fans, who did not hesitate to leave affectionate comments for both.

“Mommy, I just love her with all my soul,” was the brief description that accompanied the image, which gathered more than 14 thousand likes.

“Pretty both”, “Your beauty is inherited”, “Queen Silvia”, “Your mother is very beautiful”, “They look like sisters”, “Wow, how young she looks”, “Your mother looks like your girl”, ” How beautiful”, “It’s your sister”, Congratulations to both” and “The big eyes of your mother” were some of the comments.

In 2020, the Mexican celebrity also took advantage of Mother’s Day to write an emotional text to her mother, in which she thanked her for her “unconditional love”. The beautiful portrait gathered more than 76 thousand “likes” and Favela’s followers highlighted the beauty of Silvia’s eyes.

Marlene Favela introduced her mother: “the most beautiful woman in the world”

In August 2020, the interpreter of ‘Against wind and tide’ shared a video with her mother and in it she asked a series of questions in which they told some details of their relationship.

At that time, the actress’s fans did not hesitate to fill the recording with praise; in the messages they pointed out how young her parent looks.

“Tell us the recipe to be so young and beautiful”, “Your mom is beautiful”, “I really enjoyed being able to meet your mom”, “Marlene, how beautiful your mother” and “We love her, madam”, were some of the comments.

Marlene Favela received a sweet congratulations from Bella Seely on Mother’s Day

Little Bella Seely took advantage of Mother’s Day to write a tender dedication to her mom on her Instagram account, which she accompanied with a moving photo of both in the park.

“Happy Mother’s Day. Mamita I love you ”, she reads at the bottom of the snapshot.

Among the reactions to the image are that of Marlene Favela and that of the Venezuelan actress, Marjorie de Sousa, who is the mother of Matías.

Tell us, what did you think of the photograph that the ‘Wild Cat’ actress published with her mother? Do you think they look alike?

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