Maroon 5 had revenge in Buenos Aires

It was 9:45 p.m. and the pop machine turned on the rematch. After two cancellations, in two different years, due to the health situation, brown 5 Finally, he went on stage at the Campo Argentino de Polo and got the desire to do something that works very well for him: dazzle the audience and give him one hit after another, so that they remember what it was like to go see great live shows.

Everything starts high from the start, with “Moves like Jagger” and “This Love”, two super-hits whose choice does not seem at all casual in the set list of the night. Starting in 2022, the band is taking audiences back 10 and 20 years in their history, respectively, to a pair of key albums: overexposed, the one that repositioned them as a great ‘danceable’ pop player, and Songs About Jane, your debut. It is as if they were saying: “All this we have, all this we are. Now get ready to listen”, in anticipation of a concert that moves away from the structure ‘presentation of the new album’ to concentrate instead on a hit parade, or ‘those that we all know’, a formula that has no error in mega-stadiums.

The sound is as impeccable as if you were listening to them in your living room -although magnified-, the setting of lights/screens goes well with the climates with style imagery vintage and a mix of garish color and black and white, and everything works perfectly. But what is really strong on stage is the presence of Adam Levinewho shouldered a show lasting almost two hours as only a good front man he knows and can, with no more spectacular vocal than his classic falsettos – much more organic live, it must be admitted – and absolutely all the desire, because the Californian is a entertainer (remember that he acted in the romcom Begin Againwith Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffaloand in the second season of the series American Horror Story, for example) as much as a fashion icon, who goes up to the tables with a shirt Animal Print or post a family photo in a dress on your Instagram feed comfortable beachy

And that could be the secret: with her image of black nails and hyper-tattooed skin, the vocalist of Maroon 5 seduces, at the same time, without excesses; it’s natural. He has the charisma that makes him the captain of a gang. for all ages -The public of the Buenos Aires show, with 40 thousand people, was a showcase of generations.

Live, Levine is the contemporary pop version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Where he goes, the rest follow. If you hang up the guitar (that destroyed pink/orange Fender), the sound becomes more rocker; when he dances, so does the human tide; he speaks, and everyone listens. Of course, that’s possible because he’s not alone up there. The rest of the group -especially James Valentine, on guitar, and PJ Morton on keyboard- works as a solid base, which escorts everything with precision so that Maroon 5 explodes with rhythm in the most hit moments (“Animals”, “Makes Me Wonder”, “Maps” -what Sting/The Police sounds like live!-, “Love Somebody”) and make room for acoustics, with “Cold” or “Sunday Morning” (presented as “a song from when many of you weren’t born”), other waters in which these Angelenos, who have flirted quite a bit with the blue-eyed soul -or white soul-, they always moved well.

In addition to music and outfits, there was time for some reflections. “It is an overwhelmingly emotional moment for us,” said the singer, before recalling that March 12, 2020, the initial date of the concert that was suspended at the last minute, was the moment in which “we all understood that something awful was happening… Thank you to those who saved their tickets and are here now. We did it!”.

As closing, “She Will” and “Sugar” sounded. Levine took off his shirt and rounded off the spell. Everyone happy.

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