‘Márquez’ is wounded and under the protection of the Maduro regime: Molano – Investigation – Justice

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano Aponte, referred to the situation of the head of the ‘Second Marquetalia’, alias Iván Márquez, who, as published exclusively by EL TIEMPO, was attacked with explosives in Venezuelan territory. .

Similarly, based on information from intelligence sources, this newspaper published that ‘Márquez’ had survived and that he had been transferred seriously wounded in a regime helicopter to Caracas, where he remains confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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The information that he has intelligence is that in those disputes a vendetta was registered where his humanity was affected and he is being protected by the Maduro regime and that he is in a hospital in CaracasMolano assured.

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Similarly, the head of the military portfolio referred to the video made public by the ‘Second Marquetalia’, in which they confirm the attack against ‘Iván Márquez’, and in which they indicate that he is injured, but not seriously.

In that video the spokesman is Alberto Cruz Lobo, alias Enrique Marulanda, one of the 13 sons of ‘Tirofijo’, founder of the former Farc guerrilla, to which Molano pointed out, “the video shows that there are second and third leaders of the ‘Second Marquetalia’, one of them the son of ‘Marulanda’“, he pointed out.

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Molano also referred to the situation in Venezuela – which he said was presented to the incoming government at the joints – and assured that the “(Nicolás) Maduro’s regime protects terrorist groups in Colombia, it protects terrorist groups there in Venezuela and we have been denouncing this situation and protecting our border“.

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In fact, Molano pointed out that the Duque government has a plan to strengthen the Military Forces in order to safeguard national security and defend sovereignty.

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He pointed out that leave 13.1 billion pesos -in the process of financing- for both air, land and maritime security and that they made it known to the junction commission.

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