Marta Huerta de Aza, first head referee of men’s professional football: “I’ve been fighting for many years”

The 33-year-old athlete from Palencia judged the women’s European Championships and the World Championships, and also worked alternately in the First F and in the men’s First Federation.

Probably not even in my wildest dreams. Marta Huerta de Asa She imagined reading in the newspapers that she would become the first head referee of professional men’s soccer. She was fifteen years old when she decided to take a step that inspired other girls, and it was “one of the best decisions of her life.” Today, at 34, he celebrates making history in the sport he has always adored. “I have been struggling for many years, and it is a great satisfaction that I have achieved this,” says the protagonist.

This professional is from Palencia but from the Tenerife school, since she resides in the Canary Islands, thus achieving an achievement bordering on the female group. Collegial Eliana Fernandez Gonzalez, Judith Romano Garcia, Marisa Villa, Yolanda Parga And Guadalupe Porras Ayusothey have already managed to referee men’s professional matches, but only as assistants.

Fernandez And Clubs They are the only ones to do this in the First Division. In fact, the latter had the misfortune of going viral due to an encounter with a cameraman in Betis – Athletic Bilbao February 25, in which she was wounded and about which she remembers nothing.

Both matched in a First Division match in the 2021/22 season as part of a quartet of referees who blew the whistle Getafe Real society. Guadalupe did this as a linesman, while Marta was the fourth official for the match. “It was a very pleasant moment,” says the woman from Palencia about meeting her partner and friend.

Huerta de Jaza is one of the best female referees in Spain. International since the age of 26, his presence at important tournaments such as European Cups, World Cups and Champions League is a common occurrence. He refereed the Queen’s Cup final in 2018, the Spanish Super Cup in 2020 and 2022, and the opening match of the 2022 EuroCup at Old Trafford between England And Austria.

At the male level, Aza Garden For the last few seasons, La Liga F has merged La Liga F with the First Federation. In fact, this season he refereed a regional derby between Malaga And Cordoba or a playoff game between Barça B And Ibiza corresponds to the semi-final to advance to second place. The category in which the university graduates today.

Women’s promotion

The Palencia woman monopolized the spotlight, but the Royal Spanish Football Federation also wanted to reward more referees for good work in other promotions. So, Romano Garcia promoted to the First Division, joining the international participants Clubs And Fernandez Gonzalez.

Regarding the Hyper Movement League, the assistant is also promoting Silvia Fernandez Perez from the Cantabrian School. “I also consider this promotion a collective achievement, as my colleagues communicate to me. Women’s refereeing in Spain is taking very important steps and this is a success for all of us. I would like to thank the RFEF Judges Technical Committee for their work. effort and support are a decisive commitment for the entire group and especially for us,” states Huerta de Aza.

She worked as a referee for almost 20 years, of which she barely missed a season because she was a mother. He wouldn’t discourage his two-year-old daughter from following in his footsteps: “Refereeing brought me a lot of joy, I was happy doing what I wanted, but if you asked me about my experience, I would definitely make that decision.” “, he explained in an interview.

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