Marta Lozano debuts a new ‘clavicut’ haircut that aims to be the hair trend of the season

A ‘new course’ begins and many of us set ourselves certain goals (which we don’t know if we will fulfill or not) and even dare to change our look for the new season. If Laura Escanes was the first to dare to color her hair differently, it seems that Martha Lozano He did not want to be left behind and has thrown himself completely out of his comfort zone leaving behind his XL hair and welcoming a new cut: the ‘clavicut’.

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This is a medium length bob, at the level of the clavicle (hence its name), and which aims to be one of the most desired of the season (even more than Scarlett Johansson’s Italian bob).

To carry it out, Marta Lozano has relied on the experts at Llongueras and, as we can see in the video that the ‘influencer’ herself has shared on Instagram, her 40 cm long braid has been cut to make way for her new hair.

In order for the cut to have movement, the team of professionals in charge of it have left very light layers in the back area. Likewise, in the front part, the sensation of longer hair has been maintained, leaving longer strands, to favor the features of the ‘influencer’.

Is about an ideal cut for long hair or even for those who already have a midi cut but want to give their hair a ‘twist’. In addition, it has the advantage of being comfortable and easy to comb. In the words of Raquel da Conceiçao, “this cut gives a lot of play. We can wear it very straight or do any type of wave, like a more surfer wave so that the hair flows with more movement or, on the contrary, a more found wave and with a more glamorous, red carpet effect”.

The change of look of Marta Lozano
The change of look of Marta Lozano

After seeing the haircut, Marta Lozano could not help but get excited, as seen in the video. “The truth is that I couldn’t be happier with the result. I had been thinking about it for a long time and one day the time had to come. Now I just have to get used to it but, without a doubt, I love it,” he adds.

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