Marta Sánchez sings for Lady Gaga dressed as a sexy muffin

Marta Sánchez has gone to Uruguay to do something that she has not done in Spain, participate in ‘Mask Singer’. And that the program is very successful here and that she has received some offer; Or, at least, that’s what she has implied in an interview with a Uruguayan media.

Disguised as a sexy muffin, Martísima has starred in one of those surreal moments that only happen in ‘Mask Singer’ and has sung ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga, an artist she says she admires. Although Marta claims to have modulated her voice to imitate Gaga’s, the jury did not take long to discover who was behind the disguise.

Marta considered “several options” for songs to sing in ‘Mask Singer’, one by Lady Gaga and another by Katy Perry. She kept Gaga’s because the song allowed her to “change me more.”

Marta has commented on the experience in networks: «You don’t know how much fun I had singing in ‘La Máscara’ in Uruguay!!! Quite an experience!!! It was the best!!!! Like I said there, I’m not much of a costumer, but I find it fun to take on new challenges like I always have in my career for 37 years. Thanks to the entire program team who treated me like a queen!! I would do it again tomorrow!»

In the aforementioned interview, Sánchez has declared precisely that she does not like to dress up and that she is “reluctant” to get into “something that is not me”, but that she has accepted the offer of ‘Mask Singer Uruguay’ to try something different and demolish fears , in addition to visiting Montevideo, a city that I did not know despite having already visited the Latin American country in the past.

Marta, who has just made headlines for improvising a version of ‘Hanging in your hands’ with Carlos Baute on a plane, remembers that she is presenting a new show of songs adapted to the piano, ‘Marta de cerca’. New dates will be announced soon.

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