Martino has no nerve and what he said about the great failure with Mexico in Qatar

Gerardo Martino and what he thinks about Mexico's failure in Qatar
Gerardo Martino and what he thinks about Mexico’s failure in Qatar

After the failure of Gerardo Martino with the Mexican team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Argentine team returned to his country where he will take the months of vacation and look for new projects with a view to the next World Cup process in 2026.

According to Gerardo Martino, beyond the failure that the elimination from the group stage represented, this would not complicate the offers that the Argentine coach could have in the future, as he acknowledged at a press conference prior to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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According to Tata Martino, the defeats against the United States did not make him lose sleep, much less the decline in the qualifiers, since in Tata’s opinion, the success or failure of Mexico in a World Cup does not affect his resume in any way, making it clear that he I have done with the Mexican team does not subtract points as far as offers for other teams.

What team is looking for Gerardo Martino?

According to Paraguayan media reports, Gerardo Martino could be the option to take command of the Guarani team since in 2010 he last qualified for a world cup precisely at the hands of Tata.

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