Martiño Rivas is proud of Ana de Armas

compatriots of Ana de Armas They are the ones who believe in it the most, as demonstrated by the Spanish Martino Rivas, who during his visit to Mexico showed his support for the Cuban-Spanish actress, who is nominated for an Oscar for her performance in “Blonde”, becoming the first Cuban actress nominated for this award. “What Ana has achieved is unprecedented, at least in Spanish cinema we have always had good precedents, but the difference is that all of them had a very solid career in Spain, before traveling to Hollywood; Penélope was already an Almodóvar girl, for example, Ana de va a hollywood and before that he had done “El internado” and “Mentiras y gordas”, there are no precedents for someone who has achieved such great success, you have to take your hat off to Ana who keeps advancing every time, conquering new quotas, she is a phenomenon to follow and I feel very proud to have been able to share the scene with her”, said Rivas.

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Amanda Miguel was censored

Amanda Miguel also suffered the censorship that some of her Argentine compatriots have suffered in her music. When in the 80s he wrote the song “He will never love you like this” he included a phrase that says: “I don’t know if you realize how stupid you are”, referring to a woman with whom she was cheated on, but when trying to sing it in The most popular program on Mexican television, at that time, had to change the word because they considered it too offensive. She thus remembered her together with her daughter Ana Victoria, who was a witness to her. “Raúl Velasco used to say ‘how can it be? How do you say stupid?’ reality when expressing spite. “You are not going to admit that the woman who is taking your husband is smarter than you, it is most likely that he is stupid, because your husband did not marry you by chance,” she said between laughs.

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The lawyer of “El Chapo” was approved by the capo

Mariel Colón, a criminal lawyer who defended Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán during his last trial before being sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019, has not ended his professional relationship with the drug lord, but their relationship goes further, as Mariel continues defending Emma Coronel, wife of “El Chapo”, with whom he decided to start a clothing brand. But also now that she has launched as a singer, she assured in a press conference that she has sung for her client, and he has approved it, they also trust that she will continue to do her job as a lawyer well even if she enters the world of music entertainment.

“He told me that I sing very beautifully, and Emma even got goosebumps,” shared “La abogada”, a pseudonym that she will use as her stage name}}

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