Martino trembles, Argentina uncovers the fix, FIFA already gave an answer

Gerardo Martino / Infantino / Tagliafico
Gerardo Martino / Infantino / Tagliafico

The Selection mexican He is looking for a new coach after the failure at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Gerardo Martino He ended up as the main target of the World Cup disappointment, for which the Argentine strategist ended up thanking Yon de Luisa and company after the match against Saudi Arabia ended.

The controversy was the daily bread within the tricolor team, with various problematic issues of the team being the headlines of the week. One of them was the photo between Gerardo Martino and Lionel Scaloni after finishing Mexico vs. Argentina. So today a new controversy arose in the group of the world champion team.

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Nicolás Tagliafico spoke live on Twicht about a match arrangement against Poland. It turns out that a player from the Polish team asked the Argentine team that he no longer attack, since a goal from the Albiceleste could have eliminated Poland so that the Mexican National Team could qualify instead.

What does FIFA say about match fixing?

According to ESPN Deportes, FIFA released a statement after viewers expressed their annoyance at the arbitration work. Therefore, the body orchestrated by Gianni Infantino commented that after an investigation and review of all the matches, no irregularities were found within the tournament.

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