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They say that in war, in love and apparently in the battle for ratings, everything is worth. The two most important television stations in Mexico are in a constant fight for the preference of the public, the sports broadcasts of Televisa and TV Azteca are the best example of this, although supposedly there are “dirty game” from one of the actors.

Christian Martinoli is the most important narrator of Azteca Deportes, who has repeatedly made his animosity for the rival company public, assuring that he would never work at Televisa regardless of the money. One of the many points made by him against Emilio Azcárraga’s company is his “poor ethics” when it comes to competing.

What is the rating?

Some time ago, Martinoli Curi uncovered all the “tricks” of Televisa to presume winners in soccer broadcasts although, according to the narrator born in Argentina, the truth is that TV Azteca, exclusively in the two hours of a match, always tends to have the best numbers despite what its competitors claim.

The rating is an accumulated of the day, the parties never start zero to zero. If channel 2 from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon accumulates 15 rating points and TV Azteca has 10 in the same period of time, we are starting the game with a 5-point disadvantage,” he explained. the.

Televisa’s ‘boycott’ to gain ratings for TV Azteca

not long ago, publicly Martinoli and Doctor García accused Televisa of removing the TV Azteca signal in some pay television systems to prevent people from tuning in to matches of the Mexican National Team. That and other points are what they accuse as a “boycott” of those from Chapultepec 18.

“For example, I remember that eight years ago there was a playoff game in Columbus (United States against Mexico) where we lost 19 versus 14 points, and we thought that everything was terrible, but in the end we realized that the rating started 16 vs 3, that is, they started with 13 points above us“, pointed out the nickname Deus.

“If this were zero to zero, they won’t win a match in history”exposed Martinoli when insinuating that the TUDN numbers They are not merely those obtained during the game and they even add viewers to Channel 2, TUDN in the United States and even their digital platforms to inflate the audience numbers.

Who won the Qatar 2022 rating?

According to information published by Televisa-Univisionthe television station belonging to Emilio Azcárraga accumulated a total of 251 million viewerswhile TV Azteca had 194 million.

In the same company statement it is presumed that the program “La Jugada” was also the winner in the competition against “Los Protagonistas”, since Televisa obtained 146 million viewers while those of Ajusco 126 million.

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