Marvel announces the first major MCU crossover on Disney+

Surprisingly, Marvel Studios has announced the first major crossover event in a Disney+ series that is part of Phase 5 of the MCU.

As reported by the website of Marvel Studiosthe series of Secret Invasion has been officially designated as “a crossover series.” This is the first time that a series of the UCM in Disney+ has been officially labeled as a crossover. So fans are wondering right now how many characters or how many shared universe narratives will ever cross paths. secret invasion. It must be remembered that the program is scheduled to premiere in the streaming catalog during the spring of 2023. Therefore, there are still many months left for its official premiere.

The Marvel Studios website also collected the statements of cobie smuldersthe actress who plays Mary Hill at the UCM, during the presentation of secret invasion in the past San Diego Comic-Con. In those remarks, the star described the show as “a darker series.” She also warned that she delved into each character that had a leading role. Apparently, fans will see a lot of mysteries throughout the Disney + series. secret invasion It will be like a kind of pastime, a who’s who that will engage the audience and immerse them in the story.

“This series is much darker than the others,” said the Marvel Studios actress. “We are going to delve into the characters of the MCU. We will see them in new ways and it will be an exciting thriller. You will never know who is who. Is it a Skrull? Is he a human? It’s going to be kind of a guessing game.”

Description of the exclusive trailer presented at SDCC 2022

The article also summarizes some of the images from the exclusive trailer for secret invasion which Marvel Studios showed at San Diego Comic Con. In that trailer for the Disney+ series, a conversation was included between Nick Fury and Mary Hill. When the show begins, Nick Fury will have been out of the world for a while. He will not even have had contact with his former partner and friend. Quite simply, he returns to Earth because due to the level of danger that the threat results.

in the trailer for secret invasion we also see Nick Fury talking to the corone james rhodes. ask him about War machine. From what they have described, there is some tension between them.

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