Marvel announces the ‘Thunderbolts’ movie and Florence Pugh will be its big star

The Thunderbolts of Marvel are underway. Marvel Studios has just made the development of the new movie official of this superhero team, which could be defined as the suicide squad of the company Jake Schreier (New cherry flavor, Paper Towns) has been tapped to direct, while Eric Pearson will pen the script with Kevin Feige supervising on production. The first big star that would have said yes would be the very Florence Pughthe current Black Widow, and other villains and stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are expected to join soon (via comic book).

A long-term project that has its main protagonist but will not be in Phase 4

Taking into account that they are still immersed in negotiations with the cast and their protagonists, and that the script may not be too advanced, we are talking about a very long-term Marvel project which is probably not part of Marvel’s current Phase 4. In case you don’t know them, The Thunderbolts opened his header in the comic book publishing house back in the 90s, telling us the story of a group of supervillains under government supervision, some of them reformed after passing through different prisons, who carry out a series of missions for the government. As a curiosity, it should be noted that Baron Zemo, Captain America’s rival, was one of the founders of the original formation.


The leading actress of Midsommar and Don’t Worry Darling, Florence Pughwill repeat her role as Black Widow after debuting in the film with Scarlett Johansson and returning to her old ways with hawk eye on Disney+. It would be the only big name that seems more or less confirmed by sources close to the project, but the participation of other proper names such as sebastian stan (Winter Soldier) and the Daniel Brühl (Barn Zemo). In any case, at the moment the main formation is unknown, which has had members to bore, from the aforementioned Yelena Belova to Hawkeye himself, although we do not see Jeremy Renner appearing initially.

These heroes and villains carry out risky missions for the US government.

The one that does seem to sound, and based on its evolution in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we believe that it is sung, is Wyatt Russell. Russell, who played John Walker, Chris Evans’s understudy for Captain America after the events of Avengers: Endgameand that for much of Falcon and The Winter Soldier was making trips through Europe until they reformed it as USAgent. White and bottled. In any case, it seems that Marvel is more than clear that he wants to give these very particular heroes a chance.

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