Marvel has legal problems with a Game of Thrones actress

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One of the most important actresses of Game of Thrones causes legal problems to Marvel Studios because of Thor: Love and Thunder.

As reported exclusively by Variety, an actress from Game of Thrones would cause legal problems Marvel Studios. We are talking about Firewood Headeythe interpreter who gave life to Cersei Lannister in the famous television series HBO. Lena Headey is being sued for troika, his former agency located in the UK. The reason for the demand would be unpaid commissions, linked to multiple projects. One of those projects is Thor: Love and Thunderthe next movie UCM.

According to reports, the actress Game of Thrones had a mysterious role in the new Marvel Studios movie. However, that character ultimately does not appear in the final montage of Thor: Love and Thunder. Information from Variety states that Lena Headey owes the Troika agency more than $500,000 for profits made on Thor: Love and Thunderdespite the fact that his role has not actually been used in the film and, therefore, will not have public relevance or media impact.

The legal problems that the studio has faced in recent years: from Scarlett Johansson to the fight with Sony Pictures for the rights to Spider-Man

Disney has dealt with an unusual number of high-profile lawsuits in recent years. The most important of these was the legal battle with Scarlett Johansson for the premiere of black widow on the streaming platform. Behind the scenes, he has also fought in the offices to maintain the rights of some Marvel Studios characters, as is the case with spider-man. Now he has this problem with the actress of Game of Thronesalthough it indirectly splashes her because she doesn’t even appear in the final cut of Thor: Love and Thunder. We will see how it is resolved, but it is certainly a nuisance.

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