Marvel: Sony hopes for the return of the director of Spider-Man: No Way Home

In an interview, the Sony boss said he hoped for the return of the trio Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jon Watts, behind Spider Man 4.

The success of Spider-Man: No Way Home at the global box office, which will continue to break records, confirmed that Jon Watts was indeed one of the new darlings of Marvel and Disney, to the point that we expected him to return for a fourth opus from the weaver. But that was without counting on a last-minute twist, which happened at the end of April. Indeed, when he was to direct the film Fantastic Four after the trilogy Spiderman by Tom Holland Jon Watts recently stepped down as director on this new Fantastic Four rebootto make way for John Krasinski according to some rather credible rumors, after his surprise cameo as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2.

One of the other possible explanations could be due to the director’s commitment to another project from the Disney parent company, on the side of the Galaxy far away from Star Warswith a series in the vein of Goonies (which is very scary), after the first feature film Star Wars produced by Kevin Feige and written by Michael Waldron (Loki), and Taika Waititi’s film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: photo, Tom HollandTom Holland is still struggling to recover

And while all the Marvel foals leave to make films at Lucasfilm, and Kevin Feige continues to oversee Phase 4 of the MCU, with Doctor Strange 2 which is in full swing at the box office, after a very solid start in the US, Sony continues to refine its extended universe around the enemies of Spiderman. After his two horrible films Venom and his Morbius who came to drive a new nail on the grave of this universe, the spin-off around Kraven the Hunter should continue this momentum, for better or worse.

And when Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman is questioned by Deadline on a new collaboration with the trio Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jon Watts, within the MCU for a potential Spider Man 4he simply replies:NOTwe hopefully.” An answer that clearly suggests a slight doubt on the part of the Sony bossabout the return of the winning trio behind the MCU trilogy.

Morbius: photo, Jared LetoPanic at Sony?

Indeed, if we know that key characters from the MCU trilogy could return in a fourth opus, in particular the MJ of Zendaya, the departure of Jon Watts from the film Fantastic Four and the announcement of his series Star Wars in the process may have put Sony in full questioning about its extended universe. With his spin-offs supposed to introduce the weaver’s iconic foes, the superhero rights holder is likely hoping to see his extended universe meet that of the Spider played by Tom Holland, although the latter also hinted that he wanted to take a break from the character.

In short, all doors are open for this Spider Man 4including those around the abandoned version of Sam Raimi, in which Kraven the Hunter should have made its first appearance, before the solo film with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title role, scheduled for January 18, 2023 in our theaters.

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