Marvel: Will Natalie Portman Replace Thor After Love and Thunder?

Taika Waititi, director of Thor: love and thundersays a bit more about the future of Natalie Portman’s character in the Marvel universe.

Marvel’s ways are sometimes (often?) impenetrable. Between the absence of Captain Marvel in a whole part of the MCU (including infinity war) and Thor’s in the great meeting Captain America: Civil WarNot to mention the Avengers having a swimming pool during the solo movie apocalypses, characters from the superhero universe come and go regularly, defying consistency and common sense.

Another good example of a character fresh out of the hat: that of Jane Foster in Thor: love and thunder. absent since Thor 2in addition to an appearance-recycled in avengers endgame, the ex-girlfriend of the god of thunder played by Natalie Portman is back in the new film directed by Taika Waititi, after a 9-year absence. Jane is no longer a normal human, but a superhero armed with Thor’s ancient hammer – an idea taken directly from the comics, where he goes by the name Mighty Thor.

What to wonder about the future of the superheroine version of Jane in the MCU, and her possible role alongside (or instead of) Chris Hemsworth.

Director of thor 4 recently spoke into the microphone of Full movie on the future of the character in the MCU:

“It’s really fun, the idea of ​​Thor having Stormbreaker, that big ax and his hammer in someone else’s hands. It is no longer his hammer. There is the idea that someone intervenes. I think a lot of fans will potentially assume that, “Oh, okay, it’s the passing of the torch…” I’m not aware of any plans from Marvel, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

Natalie Portman’s future in the MCU is therefore quite vague, and Taika Waititi’s words do not give any certainty about the future of Mighty Thor. Nevertheless, we know the great flexibility of Kevin Feige and his writers. Therefore, it is difficult not to imagine that the reception that the character had in Thor: love and thunder It will be decisive, unless Waititi kills the character, who suffers from breast cancer in the comics, or Natalie Portman no longer wishes to reappear in the franchise.

Natalie Portman Chris HemsworthGreen background with rose

As a reminder, Thor’s hammer, Mjöllnir, is destroyed by the character’s hidden sister, Hela (Cate Blanchett), in the third feature film dedicated to the god of thunder. Inside infinity war, the man is forced to make a new weapon, Stormbreaker, intended to face and defeat Thanos. As for the comics, the presence of Mighty Thor is not just a simple funny appearance sincein particular, plays an important role in the segment secret wars.

To see if the MCU writers will stay true to the character or if the rewrite process will quickly eject this Natalie Portman return. In any case, I just hope the character is cohesive and interesting… is the minimum that a film should offer. To find out more, you’ll have to wait until July 13 and find out Thor: love and thunder in French cinemas.

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