Marvel’s Starting to Fix the MCU’s Avengers Problem

Everywhere you look there is news Miracle To fail at the box office. With a global stake of $110 million, of which $63 million came from international markets, Miracle Is performing much worse than the first film of the franchise. captain marvel It made $455 million globally in its first weekend, up from $1 billion in 2019. Miracle It opened below Disney’s $140 million estimate and would be one of the worst premieres in MCU history.

But Miracle Far from a bad film. The sequel tells a great crossover story full of action, heart, and humor. It is also very fast paced and clocks in at a running time of one hour and 45 minutes. It’s far better than most of the recent MCU films, and you won’t feel like your time was wasted.

Miracle It also has a great epilogue and a compelling credits scene that makes the sequel an important step toward understanding the great multiverse saga Story.

more importantly, Miracle Ultimately feels like a movie where Marvel isn’t doing everything it can to avoid dealing with or mentioning the Avengers. This is what Marvel should have done all along. Before I tell you more about it, just know this big Miracle Spoilers follow below.

Why Miracle is a blast at the box office

Instead of postponing the film, Disney decided to Miracle Even as the entertainment industry grappled with two strikes in theaters this November. The actors’ strike ended last week only. Miracle Premiere took place. This made it impossible for the film’s biggest stars to promote the film in the US and around the world.

Miracle It stars Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). However, due to the strike he was not available for interviews and promo tours. So Marvel used the Avengers in the trailer, but it was too late.

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) is seeing someone in The Marvels promo clip.
Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) is seeing someone in The Marvels promo clip. Image Source: YouTube

Then the toxic part of MCU fans is responsible for this. Some people don’t like MCU shows and movies captain marvel, Ms Marvel, she hulkAnd Miracle Because they have female protagonists instead of male ones.

Ultimately, the quality of the MCU is declining. Marvel superhero fatigue is real. I came to experience it bottle gourd, The TV show is easily one of Marvel’s best stories yet, and you should definitely check it out bottle gourd, But I expected it to be disappointing for most of the first half of Season 2. Fortunately, that was not the case. And bottle gourd Even affects everything in the MCU Miracle,

But I can’t forget how annoying it was secret attack This was a Disney Plus show that came out first Miracle On the MCU timeline.

The absence of the Avengers in MCU Phases 4 and 5 to better connect these stories is part of the MCU’s quality problem. The irony is that Marvel is starting to fix this with a movie that isn’t exactly generating the opening weekend box office boost you’d expect from a Marvel production.

all avengers connections Miracle

I’ve often complained that most Marvel movies and TV shows fail to address the Avengers. It’s as if the big heroes don’t exist, and it’s incredibly annoying. Marvel doesn’t have to pay for expensive cameos to provide connective tissue. Miracle It proves all this and still offers some exciting cameos.

From the start, an MCU fan can be installed Miracle On the timeline. The action in the movie happens right at the end Ms Marveland immediately after secret attack, Ms Marvel part of the credit scene Miracle, And Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) said at the end secret attack He’s going back into space for Skrull-Kree peace talks, which are a part of Miracle plot.

Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) in The Marvels Trailer 2.
Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) in The Marvels Trailer 2. Image Source: Marvel Studios

But as a major space incident is discovered, we see Fury calling Carol, just as he sends Monica to investigate. compare this action with eternal And Moon Knight, Major cosmic events occurred in both, but neither of the Avengers intervened.

We then learn from Fury and Monica that SABER is tracking individuals with superhuman abilities. This might give you the impression of a creepy vigilante, but it’s on par with what Fury has been doing for the better part of his career.

Fury’s “iPad” is filled with information about promising candidates. So Kamala arrives at Kate Bishop’s (Hailee Steinfeld) apartment, trying to recruit her into a team that will probably become the Young Avengers.

Well, Kamala thinks she’s being recruited into the Avengers from the moment she swaps places with Monica and finds herself floating in space near Fury’s space station.

Just like that, with a few lines of dialogue, Miracle This gives us an idea of ​​the state of the MCU right now. It is enough to know that the world’s organizations are keeping an eye on threats and superheroes alike. Carol and her unlikely team are ready to act like they’re the Avengers.

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) in The Marvels Trailer.
Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) in The Marvels Trailer. Image Source: Marvel Studios

Add other cameos here and there, like Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) showing up to aid in the rescue of the Space Skrulls, and you get more Avengers vibes.

By the way, Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) also ties Miracle To infinity war And endgame, And we finally found out why Annihilator (Captain Marvel) was afraid to return home for most of three decades. He is truly ashamed of what he has done to the Kree Empire.

The post-blip action teaser comes from Monica and Kamala. The former says she got her powers from a witch, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel receives a time and space travel bangle from her grandmother. Then there is the system of space jump points, seen for the first time Guardians of the Galaxywhich plays an important role The Marvels’ plot.

Unfortunately, the connection to Disney Plus only makes sense if you’ve watched the shows.

exciting credit scene

Ms. Marvel is presumably recruiting new Hawkeye to the Young Avengers team in a scene that easily qualifies as a credit. However, technically this is the epilogue of the film. Miracle There is a credits scene, showing Monica waking up in a different reality. Beast from the Fox (Kelsey Grammer). X Men The movies exist to tell her that she has been transported to a different reality.

But Monica is still shocked to see a version of Maria – Binary – in this universe, the one who saved her. This Maria never had children, and became this reality’s Captain Marvel. Well, binary.

so, Miracle sets the stage for upcoming developments in multiverse saga, Monica has set up an infiltration without knowing about it.

On that note, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) messing with the timeline in Season 2 will also have a direct impact on Miracle, Without Loki protecting all timelines, alternate realities such as the Fox universe would have been automatically erased by Kang’s Time Loom.


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