Mary Milton, finally live from “The Voice”: “It’s a successful quest rather than revenge”

It was a risky song choice, right? There is always a way to miss THE note you were talking about…

Yes, I can tell you because at rehearsals she did not pass (she laughs). I was very scared at that time. The psychological plays a huge role in the voice. We tell ourselves : “It’s not going to pass, it’s not going to pass”. But I left myself no choice. I was facing Charles, an exceptional stage performer. Initially, I had to sing in French. But Amel Bent said: “No, no, you’re going to do ‘All by myself'”. I took up the challenge because I like it, I like to surpass myself. Now I tell myself that anything is possible, I’m happy.

Florent Pagny after your visit says: “There, we are really in ‘The Voice'”. This qualification for direct, it is a revenge on these last five years?

Yes and no because in this word, there is always a part of obscurity. I really prefer to be in the light, love. So I would say it’s a successful quest rather than revenge. That’s a beautiful story. Even if I had gone out to super cross-battles, I would have been very proud of myself and my career. I sing at each stage as if it were the last.

The words of Amel Bent just before your performance, did they give you the confidence that you perhaps lacked?

I think she captured me very well. The fact that she reassured me boosted me to 3000%, it sparkled in me. I told myself that I couldn’t disappoint her, that I could do it.

We feel that you admire your coach…

Totally. It’s true that I look at her as if she were a big sister, as if something had already happened in a previous life. It’s very weird. I admire him enormously. I respect the woman and the artist that she is. She has a very picky vision of music. She took a lot of time with me in coaching, we talked a lot off camera. We have something that binds us, I couldn’t explain it. Maybe it’s because we were born on the same day, June 21 (she laughs).

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