Maryland couple thought they won $10,000 in the lottery, but when they checked the ticket, the prize was $1 million

The couple could use some of their earnings to help their daughter open her own hair salon.

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A couple from the town of Gaithersburg recently won the Maryland Lottery playing the Million Dollar Mega Multiplier Scratch-Off and became millionaires.

The 51-year-old woman, whose name was not identified by the Maryland Lottery, purchased the instant ticket with her husband at a 7-Eleven store located at 7980 Georgia Avenue.

The couple had returned home when she started scratching off the lottery ticket. The wife thought that she had won $10 thousand dollars, but then realized that he had several numbers with prizes of $10 thousand, which increased his winnings to a maximum prize of $1 million dollars.

“We were excited. We were happy and we cried,” said the lucky woman, according to the Montgomery Community Media information portal.

The Gaithersburg resident is an online sales associate and her husband is a construction worker. She told lottery officials that she wants to use the money to start her own business.

Their adult daughter works at a hair salon, and the couple could use some of their earnings to help their daughter open her own hair salon..

The 7-Eleven in Silver Spring earned a $1,000 lottery bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The Million Dollar Mega Multiplier game went on sale on July 18 and this is the first $1 million jackpot winning instant ticket to be sold.

Another six Scratch-Offs with prizes of $1 million each, in addition to seven more $50k prizes and more than 140 $10k prizes, have yet to be claimed.

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