Mask mandatory indoors, Sileri: “We will decide next week but I am convinced that in June or July it will be removed”

Obligation to wear a mask indoors? We will make a number-driven decision there next weekbut I believe it is time to remove the mask indoors in some circumstances and obviously with a transition period. I am 100% convinced that in June and July we will be without masks. Perhaps it will be useful to keep it still in some situations in the first 2-3 weeks of May, such as in the offices and where there is closer contact. On school I am more flexible on the subject of masks, in the sense that I would push more for the vaccination of children“. She announces it to the microphones of Rtl 102.5 the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileriwho points out: “For now we will still have to keep the masks while traveling by train or plane and in those places where there is greater risk for people, such as hospitals and RSA”.

And he adds: “We must not abandon the mask. Let’s keep it in your pocket and use it with awareness, knowing that where there is a crowd and the greatest risk we have to put it back. There are still infections but there is no burden on health facilities, and intensive care admissions are falling, albeit not rapidly. This data, together with the arrival of summer, will put us all in safety “.

About the 100% capacity indoorsSileri observes: “In my opinion, it is doable. And here again the flexibility in the use of the mask returns: if you wear it indoors, preferably opting for the Ffp2, you can return to 100% of the capacity. And I would also go to remove the safety distance as well. In this way, in later times, the use of the mask could be progressively removed “.

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