Masks away from June 15, from restaurants to discos and beaches the rules today and for summer 2022

Even if the ‘zero contagion’ goal appears unattainable at the moment, a “new phase” is opening in the Covid-19 pandemic and in Italy there are the conditions to reach a summer without restrictions starting from June 15, when it will expire the term for residual measures such as face masks in some places indoors. The prediction of the Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa is optimistic, even if the experts still invite us not to let our guard down and to proceed with vaccinations due to the risk of new waves of infections in the autumn.

Omicron, Pregliasco: “In the autumn we will have 20 million infections, probable return of the masks”

What summer will it be? Summer 2022 will therefore be characterized by far fewer restrictions. An example? There are no longer any restrictions on recreational-sporting activities and sports, both individual and team, which take place on the beach. The emascherina is no longer mandatory in public establishments, indoors and outdoors, without distinction. The interpersonal safety distance to be observed is 1 meter.

Table football, rackets and playing card games – Green light for all outdoor activities, beach tennis and beach volleyball. The government indicates to “favor activities for small groups of people” and for activities that involve the sharing of objects (such as bowls or table football) it is better “to adopt organizational methods that reduce the number of people who handle the same objects, for example by setting up game rounds and teams with a fixed composition ». Playgrounds and objects should always be disinfected after use. For those who play cards: it is very useful to sanitize the hands and the playing surface often; players should sit at least 1 meter between players from adjacent tables. Frequent replacement of used decks of cards with new decks is also recommended.

Free beach – If we go to a free beach it is essential that there is a minimum of information and individual responsibility on the part of the patrons. There are still some precautions that will ensure a safe holiday. The guidelines adopted by the government concern the exhibitors: the patrons and consumers remain to follow rules of hygiene and common sense.

Banking establishments – Among the rules that appear in the guidelines are very simple warnings. If we go to the beach in an establishment it is better to book. And when we pay it is better if we do it electronically (to avoid touching banknotes). We remind you that these are indications and not obligations, so it is clear that where we will find them for the most part applied means that there is attention to preventing possible infections. The virus, in fact, it is good to remember that it has not disappeared.

Play areas, betting rooms – At least every hour it would be necessary to ensure sanitation of the surfaces of the games in contact with the hands (buttons, handles, etc.)

So even if many restrictions have fallen, it will be possible to review the organized spaces to ensure separate access and exits, or spaced tables. In the guidelines on the beaches there is an indication to “favor, as far as possible, the expansion of shaded areas to prevent gatherings, especially during the hottest hours”. The problem of gatherings remains: they must be avoided.

If we rent an umbrella and deck chairs it is essential to think about sanitizing them. And so too “the common areas, changing rooms, cabins, showers, toilets”. For equipment such as sunbeds, deck chairs, beach umbrellas, it is foreseen that they must be “disinfected at every change of person or family, and in any case at the end of the day”.

Distance umbrellas – Yes it is still expected as a good practice to avoid the crowds. And if seen from another point of view: it allows a more relaxing holiday without having the neighbor’s umbrella too close. Regions with very wide beaches may decide to keep longer distances between umbrellas. The minimum umbrella surface should be 12 square meters (as a rule, the minimum distance to be guaranteed between the poles of the umbrellas in the row and between the rows must be 3 linear meters) “. You can derogate and arrive at a spacing area of ​​no less than 10 square meters between umbrellas (this is the case of Termoli). In Rimini they thought of an extra space: 18, 15 and 12 square meters for each umbrella (depending on whether you are in the north or south of the Romagna coast). Some regions that have smaller beaches have already announced that they want to return to the (reduced) pre-Covid distances.

Thermal baths, sauna and turkish bath – We must avoid the mixed use of objects and linen: we must access the service equipped with everything you need, “preferably provided by the same structure”. While for all activities in different contexts “always provide for the use of a personal towel for the sessions”. For services that require close range, the operator must wear the FFP2 mask without valve. For customers, use of the mask (surgical mask or device that confers superior protection such as FFP2) in the internal waiting areas and in any case according to the indications displayed by the structure.

Discos – It would be a good idea to find written the maximum number of contemporary presences of people in the room where we go to dance. The patrons should be assured of maintaining at least 1 meter of separation. Even to go to the disco it would be better to book to avoid queues at the entrance. It is useful to find sanitizing gel especially before entering and exiting each area dedicated to dancing, catering and toilets. The dance? The guidelines say “toSimilarly to the provisions for the practice of physical activity, the interpersonal distance must be at least 2 meters, with the exception of people who, according to the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal distancing (the latter aspect relates to individual responsibility). So whoever makes (or intends to make) a couple dances together. Dancing is the only phase, according to the guidelines, where you can take off the masks which must be worn in any possible gathering situation, even outdoors. Even at the time of the drink, the guidelines are inspired by common sense and ask to ensure the rigorous maintenance of the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers, who will have to access the counter in an orderly and, if necessary, contingent mode. However, it is recommended to drink at the table. Tables and seats must be arranged in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between customers of different tables (as for card players).

The situation today

From 1 May in bars, restaurants and supermarkets, the mask is no longer mandatory. No more protections either at the table or to enter the premises. On workplaces the same goes: the obligation has lapsed for all workers with the exception of those who work in health, socio-health and social assistance structures, including hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted health residences (RSA), hospice, rehabilitation structures, residential structures for the elderly, including non self-sufficient ones. Different speech for private companies which, until June 15, can decide independently whether to transform the recommendation into an obligation.

The green pass

The Green Pass it is used for travelers entering Italy until 31 May, while until 31 December 2022 it will be mandatory to enter hospitals and visit relatives during visiting hours. You no longer need to go to the hotel, restaurant or gym, swimming pool, wellness centers, hairdressers, beauty centers, museums, theaters.


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