Masks indoors, as long as they are mandatory and where they still need to be worn

We will have to wear the masks again for the next month, but not everywhere. There are different rules according to the places: in some cases you need the Ffp2 and in others not. At work, however, a double track was chosen.

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The Indoor masks are still mandatory, but not everywhere. From May 1st, the new rules have been enacted, which have greatly reduced the list of activities where personal protective equipment must be worn. But let’s go step by step and start with the expiry of the latest restrictions. The government, in fact, as has been happening for months, is proceeding with renewals. However, June 15 should really be the final date for all restrictive measures (excluding hospitals and RSA). This morning was confirmed by Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa: “The country and the government have chosen graduality to tackle the pandemic – he told Radio 24 – after two years on the part of the citizens there is a different responsibility, in some situations they continue to wear masks, it is time to give confidence to the Italians. After June 15, I believe the conditions are in place to reach a summer without restrictions“. And he marks China’s strategy as bankruptcy:”Zero contagion is utopian and unattainable“.

The idea of ​​Costa, of the government and of the West in general has been clear for some time: we must live with Covid. Then there are countries that have removed the restrictions more quickly – and perhaps all together – and others that have preferred the famous gradualness. The fact is that by now the mask has almost become an individual choice. In supermarkets and shops, for example, it has no longer been mandatory for ten days. Just go inside, however, to see that many people still wear them. In the end, the reason is simple: because the number of infections is still very high, even if down compared to the previous weeks, and above all it is a sacrifice that – after two years – we are used to making in order to have protection. more on health.

Let’s move on, therefore, to the places where masks are still needed, making a distinction by type. In these activities, the Ffp2 is needed:

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  • local and long-distance public transport
  • cinemas, theaters and indoor concert halls
  • indoor sports halls

Then there are other places where the mask is still needed, but surgery is enough:

  • school
  • hospitals and RSA
  • work (in some cases)

As far as the school is concerned, the rule is valid until the end of the school year, including the baccalaureate (and therefore beyond June 15th). For hospitals and RSA the obligation should remain in force until the end of the year. For work, however, there is a double track: in the Public Administration a circular from Minister Brunetta made the masks recommended (and not mandatory) from May 1st, so there is no longer any rule to respect but indications that can to be or not to be heard; in the private sector, the Covid protocols with the social partners have been renewed, so the mask is still mandatory both outdoors and indoors, until a revision of the agreement that could arrive in June.

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