Masks, is it correct to throw them in the unsorted bin?

Bucket Mask (Adobe Photo)
Bucket Mask (Adobe Photo)

Using masks has now become normal and although the restrictions are slowly becoming less and less rigid, some people prefer not to be without them. Even if no longer mandatory, you continue to wear them, because they make you feel protected.

Years that are worn, but still one question can plague many. Or if it is correct throw the masks in the unsorted bin. While for some it may be obvious, for others it is not. Here is the answer to the question and the explanation.

How to properly dispose of the masks

Masks (Adobe Photo)
Masks (Adobe Photo)

Properly dispose of this waste is a must, as it could not only cause the spread of the diseasebut also to pollute seas and oceans. In fact, if on the one hand the cases of Coronavirus are decreasing more and more, on the other there is a great concern for the environment closely linked to these protective devices.

To try to counter people with little civic sense, measures have been designed and regulated to be able to punish those who throw their masks on the street. If you don’t comply with the ban on getting rid of it around the city, you could run into it a hefty fine.

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Dispose of the masks correctly is very important and for this reason the directives of theHigher Institute of Health they are very clear. If for someone the answer is not so certain, here is the explanation of why strictly the masks go thrown in the unsorted: they must not come into contact with other waste that will be recycled for other uses.

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Without having to think about dividing the various components of the protection device, the masks must be completely eliminated in the undifferentiated sector. Always being careful not to touch its outer part by removing it from the rubber bands.

Even more important if the mask was used by a positive personor who has been in contact with an infected person, throwing it in the appropriate trash but not before having placed it in two plastic bags and closed.

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It is undoubtedly not the best way to dispose of it, not helping the environment which is already in crisis at all. We will try to understand how to get rid of it without further burdening the issue in a harmful and harmful way.

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