Mass shooting in Highland Park, north of Chicago, during parade on July 4: several dead and injured | Univision Chicago WGBO

Several of those attending the July 4th celebration reportedly sustained gunshot wounds as the parade moved down Central Ave & 2nd Ave in Highland Park around 10:30 am local time.

Among those shot, five adults were pronounced dead at the scene and a sixth person died at one of the local hospitals, but it was not revealed whether it was an adult or a child.

Of the injured who were taken to hospitals, at least four were children, said one of the doctors who was in charge of the emergency.

The ages of the survivors range from 8 to 85 years.

The first police versions indicate that this subject shot at the parade attendees from the roof of a building. There are indications that the suspect climbed to the roof of the place by the stairs of a building.

There are reports that there was more than one armed suspect shooting, but the police have not confirmed this information.

Citizens are being asked if they have videos recorded during the parade to share them with the authorities to help investigators put together the case and eventually find the perpetrator of the massacre.

A family reunification center has been set up with survivors of the shooting at the Highland Park Police station at 1677 Old Deerfield Rd.

Witness recounts what he experienced during shooting in July 4th parade

A witness told Noticias Univision Chicago that he saw several wounded at the scene, including a child.

“There were people lying, children, adults who had injuries, it was a very horrible experience,” said Alexander Sandoval, a witness to what happened in an interview with Noticias Univision Chicago.

“I was completely full. we were there from 7 in the morning, it was full, children and families. We never imagined what they were going throughWe thought it was part of the show, 20 to 30 shots were heard, definitely the gun was reloaded, the man or the person, we ran and hid,” said the man.

“I went to look for my family and I saw people lying there. We saw like 4 adults and a child like 6 years oldSandoval said about what he saw.


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