Massimo Donelli: Vittorio Gassman? He was a dirty racist


Rai, rebel! Conformism is not culture

QN – National Newspaper, page 2, by Massimo Donelli.

Vittorio Gassmann (1922-2000) was a dirty racist. Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007) even worse. They both practiced the blackface, that is, they colored their faces and hands black to interpret Othello. Vittorio in Italian theaters, Luciano even in half the world. Now all that remains is to burn the videos, destroy the two funeral monuments, erase the streets and squares named after them from the toponymy. May it be damnatio memoriae! After, we can return, with a very clear conscience, to our daily routine, ok?

I’m kidding, of course. I do not agree with a single one of the statements written so far. But I started like this to draw attention to the latest madness of the politically correct, the highly contagious virus, created in the intellectual laboratories of New York and Los Angeles. Which, fortunately, can be defeated. Like? With an ancient single-dose vaccine whose production, unfortunately, is scarce: the Common Sense Vaccine.

The case Such and Which Show

In Rai they are absolutely devoid of it, since, by presenting Such and what Show, edition number 11, the conductor Carlo Conti, 60, had to explain: “I think it would be ghettoizing not to be able to represent the many black artists who have made the history of music, but there was an indication not to resort to blackface. So I said to myself: can’t we take a white person to play a black person? Let’s take a color one: Deborah Johnson“. Desolating.


Because the one who best imitates a famous star wins the show (the facial resemblance, created with hours and hours of makeup, is an integral part of the competition). And why, just when the world is rebelling against the mental lockdown of the politically correct, the largest cultural company in the country chooses to give in to the virus rather than make itself immune to it. “But if we were to have Deborah interpret an Italian singer, I hope they won’t accuse us of whiteface,” Conti commented controversially. Do it, Carlo, do it! Thus, the king will be naked.
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(In the picture Vittorio Gassmann in the Otello)


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