‘MasterChef’ regains momentum and leads in La 1; the series ‘Inocentes’ takes oxygen on Antena 3

Last week, MasterChef lost steam in terms of hearings, when it marked its season low in both thousands of viewers and screen share. This Monday, June 20, however, the culinary talent show of La 1 resumed momentum, according to Kantar data offered by Barlovento Comunicación, GECA and Dos30′.

A) Yes, MasterChef got a last night 14% screen share with 1,622,000 viewers on average, rising 0.6 points and 138,000 followers. It was a delivery in which Luismi, the firefighter of the edition, became the new expelled, after chaining three unsuccessful dishes.

On Antena 3, the series innocent, who faces his end, gives a surprise with a small rise. Mark a 11.9% with 1,027,000 viewers, which represents his third best share of the year. It had been several weeks since this fiction from Turkey had not surpassed the million mark.

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The other series on Monday night is missing, from Telecinco, continues its decline in viewers. Yesterday it marked a new low with 730,000 viewers Y 7% of screen share. It drops half a point and 13,000 followers compared to the previous episode.

In Cuatro, the second installment of My Big Gipsy Weddingthe spin-off of The Gipsy Kings which portrays the nuptials of Rebbe and Joseph. attracts the 7.2% of the audience with 793,000 viewersa good figure above the average for the channel, although it represents a small drop compared to its premiere (7.8% and 840,000 viewers).

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As usual on Monday night, the cinematographic offer closed the prime time. In la Sexta, the blockbuster cast the movie revenge nightan action feature film starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, which marks a good 6.5% share Y 748,000 viewers. It rises notably compared to the previous week, when the film doctor sleep did not reach half a million.

In La 2, in classic movie days could enjoy my fair ladywith Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn, which brought together 487,000 viewers and a 4.1% share.

The most viewed space of the day on June 20 was Antenna 3 News two, which achieved a 21.9% audience share with 2,406,000 viewers. The most watched non-informative program was, for its part, Pass wordwhich achieved 24.1% and 2,199,000 viewers on average, which allowed it to be the format with the best screen share of the entire day on our television.

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