Match summary Rayados vs. San Luis (3-1); Funes Mori three years ago Halftime

striped he took the undefeated Atlético San Luis and he shook off that domain that the Potosinos used to have over the gang in it Steel giant.

So with the score 3-1, the Monterey get their first win at home in Clausura 2023 and the second of the tournament to reach six points, thanks to a brilliant performance from Rogelio Funes Mori who achieved a hat trick against a rival that stagnates in four units.

early goal

Barely at minute 2, Rayados gave his people the shout of goal, when Rodrigo Aguirre sent a ball from the left to the center near the boundaries and Unai Bilbao, in his attempt to eliminate the danger, sent the ball to one side to Germán Berterame, who accommodated the ball for Rogelio Funes Mori so that he finished off first to make it 1-0. The whistling Fernando Guerrero received comments from the VAR and took time to confirm the score, but he finally did.

San Luis tried to react and in one of his arrivals, with a header that barely went over the ball, Monterrey came out with a long ball in which Jesús Gallardo fought with Andrés Iniestra for the ball, finally stole it inside the area and he managed to cross before the goalkeeper left, so Funes Mori arrived alone to push to 16′.

Potosinos were saved

At 29′, Funes Mori took the ball, made a cut to the defender and shot to put the ball in the net, but an advanced position was marked before the play, so that goal by the Twin did not count.

Funes Mori wanted to return the assist to Berterame, he put a good ball in front of him, but Germán sent his shot past the side of the goal at 31′.

Second half starts hot

Luis Romo narrowly scored a great goal at 47′, when from outside the area he took a powerful shot that barely went over the crossbar.

Rayados began to forgive a lot, at 55′ Berterame sent a good cross to Rodrigo Aguirre, but he wanted to hit him first and the ball flew.

The reaction of Saint Louis

Mateo Klimowicz ceded the ball from the right to Bonatini, who inside the area was in charge of breaking Luis Romo’s waist with brilliant cuts to end up in front of Andrada and shoot, with San Luis’s first goal at 61′.

Shortly after, a little more from the gang came for Ponchito González, but he appeared out of place and did not count the target.

The Twin’s Hat-Trick

After several chances, Funes Mori’s third goal finally fell, when at 67′ into the action, Rodrigo Aguirre took a ball that leaked into the area and tried to define the ball, but the ball hit the crossbar and the Argentine rebounded. He was able to hit it with his head to make it 3-1.

La Pandilla suddenly relaxed and possession of the ball began to be for the visiting team, but even so it was not taken advantage of by the people from Potosi, who could hardly make the home team nervous.

Except for a great shot by Mateo Klimowicz that passed very close to the goal, so that Andrada had to fly to avoid damage.

For Matchday 4, Rayados visits Puebla on January 27 and San Luis does the same with Tigres, on Saturday the 28th at the Volcán.

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